Friday, September 2, 2016

Week of September 5th

MM Week of September 5, 2016

Can you believe we're in September already!

Monday, 9/5      Labor Day – No School


Tuesday, 9/6

K-12 - A state law was passed at the end of the legislative session in May, requiring schools to say the Pledge of Allegiance on a daily basis. However, we cannot force a child to participate in the pledge in any way.   We will include the pledge in our a.m. broadcast. 


After School Activities begin today – be sure to take attendance at the beginning of the activity and walk your students out of school at 4:00 p.m.  Pam and APs will be walking the halls making sure everyone is where they should be.  Once a student is in an ASA that is where they stay.    


Pam meets w/Andromeda at 9:30 and Orion at 3rd hour, Hickory at 1:35. 


Wednesday, 9/7

Congratulations Eric Conners – Opening Night for "Miss Julie, Carissa & John", Black Repertory Theatre!


Thursday, 9/8

SSD Aimsweb testing today

12:30 – Aimee to meetings out of the building

Pam meets w/Oak at 2:30


Friday, 9/9


Growth plans due to Pam – if we need another week – we'll make that work.  I want to make the 9/30 district due date.   I'm glad to help any way I can.  Thank you Jill Right for all your help and support.   

Hixson Music Fundraiser ends

8:45 am Hixson PTO meeting in the café – Guest Speaker – Tim Brown "Internet Safety and the Middle School student"

Pam meets w/Willow at 6th hour and Hickory at 7th hour



FYI – See Gail T's email on library copier availability. 

3 copier locations, 2nd floor across from the Tech lab, in between the FACs rooms, library.  I will be happy to print something for you.  Just send it to me in a word document. 


Leslie Bennett and Rob Rambach will be our Reps. For the WGSD Foundation!  Thank you Leslie and Rob!


I appreciate all of the teachers for stepping out in the hallways during transitions and end of day – your presence makes a world of difference. 


Please look at your classroom expectations and implementation – If your students are not following the expectations for the classroom and hallways, please teach and practice. 


If you would like a printed copy of the Staff Information "handbook"– please let me know.


We are distributing the spread sheet that lays out the evaluators and cycle information which is as inclusive as we could get for this school year.  Please let a Principal know if you have any questions. 


Please get any conference feedback to Dr. Vogt as soon as possible.  She will be putting together a PTC FAST sign up for our families. 


The dress code parent meeting went well.  We are currently looking at a combination of Clayton and WGHS dress codes. 


Thank you to those who presented information regarding Innovation Hour!  Great job!  Thank you all for your active participation in learning and sharing.


Congratulations Kaitlyn Kraushaar for receiving a grant from the WRTA! 


Enjoy your week! 

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