Friday, September 9, 2016

Week of September 12th

MM  Week of September 12, 2016

This week we will include the pledge in our announcements

Monday, 9/12                    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SEAN CAHN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IDEA retreat – CO

7:30 a.m – Principals meeting


Students received an email from me (Mrs. Nahmensen) regarding the Advisory meeting.

3:30 Faculty meeting – Intruder training


Tuesday, 9/13

Wednesday, 9/14


Pam will be out of the building in the p.m.

Thursday, 9/15

SSD Dept meeting. Rm 123


Friday, 9/16


Saturday, 9/17                   HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOE STEVISON & LANA TETERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Thank you all for your hard work in developing your growth plans for the year.  We are almost there and I’m sure we’ll meet the district deadline of September 30th.    Revisit your goal and check that you have 1 action plan per goal element.  I know most of you have that in place but just make sure as we proceed.

Todd, Aimee and I will begin doing walkthrough observations this week.  Once an observation is complete it will be sent to you.  You will only receive a notification that you have an observation waiting to view if you clicked that button in iObservation. 

Still looking for a representative for the Wellness Program – if you need more information on this committee, please contact Jennifer Davis in Central Office.

Clarification regarding printers/copiers in your classroom.  According to Bill K., it is ok to have your personal machine in your room.  But you may not request, ink, paper nor maintenance for the machine. 

I will be sending home a survey this week regarding a.m procedures and the use of the Rec Center in the a.m. The director is interested in working with us on a solution to our a.m. needs. 

SSD/IEP clarification… Some IEPs will be held during plan time and some will be held before or after school.  Team teachers may attend or you may send a rep.  We must have one gen. ed. Teacher at an IEP.  If you are not attending – you may send your notes with your rep.  Gen ed teacher/rep must stay for the entire IEP unless he/she is excused prior to the start of the meeting by the parent.  IEPs may still be held during team time if it works for the parents and it appears to be the best time frame (40 mins.) for the entire process.  I am still thinking about what this means to your work day hours.  I hope this helps to clarify information.  If not, please let me know.  

Have a great week!


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