Friday, September 16, 2016

MM Week of September 19

MM       Week of September 19, 2016

This week we will continue to work on our transitions and hallway behavior so everyone

can keep learning!!!


Monday, 9/19                    HAPPY BIRTHDAY KYLE ALEXANDERS & SHALAY HUDSON!!!!!!

Aimee to training


Tuesday, 9/20

Aimee to training

8:30 Pam to DLT meeting

3:45 District Calendar Committee


Wednesday, 9/21

6-8th ELA Vertical team

9:00 Dr. Wiley to visit w/Admin.

5:30 Pam to PTO/BOE/Admin mtg.


Thursday, 9/22                  HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOPE STRASSER !!!!!!!!!

3:45 Parent Advisory w/Pam


Friday, 9/23                        HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATT DONER!!!!!!!!!!!!          




Student advisory to the principal:  Great group of kids willing to work and share their thoughts.

                Approved dress code and asked many questions along the way.

                Have concerns with – a.m. hallways (clog near the gym) (some solutions)

                Bus riders – walking around the building (they proposed solutions ie. bus pass to get out the

                                back door)

                Seating in the lunchroom – some students are not following rules – moving chairs, crowding


                Dismissal – bikers and walkers having to wait.  Most walkers walk in the same direction as the

                                car riders (to Moss field lot) but have to leave 10 minutes later.  

                Phones – they know students are on phones in café -  pictures, inappropriate games are a


                Dressing out in p.e. – lots of questions

                Next meeting, Tuesday, 9/27, 2nd hour -  we’ll start generating lists of solutions to some of their

concerns.  For now, dress code accepted.  We will move to a once a month format after

this meeting. 


IEPs – The intention of IEPs before or after school is to provide an opportunity for the time needed for certain IEPs; and there can be IEPs during plan time.  If you are asked to attend – know that a team representative is adequate as long as you have notes from your team mates.  We can also fit the IEP within the a.m. time slot of 7:50 a.m. and still end your day by 3:30. We can be creative in making those meetings and SSD will keep us informed as to what time period they are looking at for the meeting.  Please be prepared with data and evidence to share.  The gen ed. Teacher contributions can happen within the first 20 minutes.  As I said last week, Marybeth is working with SSD staff to provide agendas that are to the point and focus on the student and his/her learning.  Questions – please see Pam.


Get those pre-k to birth pictures to Pam.  And no I don’t believe you when you tell me cameras were not yet invented… when you were a toddler! 


STAFF HIGHLIGHTS – to help us and the students get to know everyone at HMS, we will be highlighting 1 or 2 staff members every week on our announcements.  You will be contacted for information and some taping time!  Thank you Dana for this great idea – Dana has volunteered to go first!

Subs must be paid for a minimum of four hours. If you are only going to be out for only an hour or two, please enter in Aesop as no sub needed and let us know ASAP so that we can work to find coverage. We don’t need to pay a sub for four hours of work when they will be here for less time. Thank you!

FYI - We have a student group that is volunteering to pick up trash at recess – student initiated, student run group.  They’ve posted flyers and are working with Mr. Townsend on trash bags and gloves.  If you see them, please thank them.   

Welcome to our Sub Maintenance Tech Tony Williams!  I’ve known Tony for years and he’s wonderful!

I will input the newly revised dress code in our Student Handbooks this week.  I’ll include that information in my Sunday message for our families to review.  Any questions or concerns on the dress code and/or student attire, email one of the principals or counselors. 

I have completed Principal talks with all teams – thank you for granting me time within your meetings.  You are a fabulous group of people and I’m honored to work with you all. 


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