Sunday, February 11, 2018

Sunday Night Memo, 2/11/18

February 11, 2018

Faculty Meeting
Tomorrow, 2/12/18, will be the last session in each of the PD strands.  Restorative practices will be in the cafe and Trauma Informed Care will be in the Library. 

Hixson Leadership Academy
The students in the leadership academy will be meeting for a training tomorrow from 10:18am-2:30pm.  The students will be working on creating and writing transition circle lessons for the incoming Stegar students.  They are responsible for all work. 

The following students will be working in the library:
Corey Evans
Scarlett Patton
 JJ Peel
Astrid Thorn
Delaney Gilbert
Sadie Moore
David Mansco
Joe Ruzicka
Malachi Parker
Morgan Daniels
Sam Holian
Jillian Sanders
Micah Scott
Brooklyn Rhodes
Oscar Spatola
Faith Lowry
Cheyenne Clark
Dominic Lee
Ozee McCollum
Evelyn Linck
Bailey Allen
Liam Grundy
Emma Storck
Brian Brown
Solia Simpson
Bennet Loving
Josephine "Posey" Bishoff

AP Interviews
Our first round of AP interviews will be on Tuesday from 4-8pm.

Outs this Week
Aimee and I will be out on Thursday for a DLT meeting at Central Office.

We have a three day weekend coming up.  I hope you have a great weekend relaxing and taking a break.  Have a great week.

With gratitude,

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Sunday Night Memo, 2/4/18

February 4, 2018

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!  I do not watch football but I do enjoy the commercials, halftime show, game day food and a good cry after watching This is Us.  Good luck to whichever team you are rooting for!

Character Committee
This year, we will begin a journey to take a look at the character of our school.  The first step will be creating a committee of teachers, parents and students.  We need your voice and leadership for this work!  If you are interested in serving on this committee, please send me an email.  I'll connect with you and give you more information on our first meeting date.

MAP Test Dates
Our MAP test dates for 2018 are:
April 27th:  7/8 grade Math
April 30th:  7/8 grade ELA
May 1st:  8 grade Science

We will meet as a whole family in April for a MAP training faculty meeting led by our counselors.

AP Interviews
Our AP Interviews will begin tomorrow.  We will be holding screening interviews starting at 7:40am and continuing throughout the day until 5:00pm.  Sarah and Linda will be in the interviews all day so Crystal Dokes will be the substitute counselor for students tomorrow.

The 2nd round will be on 2/13 and the final round will be held on 2/20.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Our Counselors
Happy Counselor Appreciation Week to our amazing counselors. We appreciate the work you do day in and day out for kids and adults.  Thank you!

Outs This Week
I'll be out for a meeting Tuesday morning until about 11am and out on Thursday.  If you need anything, please don't hesitate to text or email

Have a great week.

With gratitude,