Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Monday Night Memo, 8/13/18

August 13, 2018

Good Evening Everyone,

I hope this last night before the first day of our new year finds you resting up and relaxing (if that’s even possible).  Like last year, I will send out weekly communication through the blog on Sundays.  I will also send it out in an all school email too.

There are a lot of changes rolling into our landscape this year.  I’m excited to enter this second year with each of you and the endless possibilities we will help cultivate for our kids.  With change comes some messes and we will navigate all of them together.  In the end, it will be glorious for our kids, school and community.  I read a tweet last night from Dr. Fields, Steger/Givens principal, and it resonated with me.  He tweeted: “Do me a favor when discussing what’s “best” for students:  challenge my thinking; I will offer you the same courtesy.  A conversation without such a norm is a missed opportunity to help educators and students grow.”  I echo his words and hope we can grow together in this norm as we learn to navigate as a PLC.  The door is always open and it has been exciting to watch and learn from the teacher leadership that is growing in our building.  I look forward to our continued conversations and dreams for kids.

Have a great first day!
With gratitude,

Cell Phones
Just to clarify that in the hallways, students can hold their phones in their hands.  If kids are on them, ask them to get off and share a conversation with them.  If it’s a persistent problem, then let your grade level principal know.  Hallway duty is a great time to get to know kids while monitoring for safety.  We don’t want you to feel like you have to follow after kids and miss opportunities to connect with them.  They will make mistakes, we will help them learn how to be responsible.

In your classrooms, follow the new revised plan that we talked about at our back to school meeting.  In regards to headphones/earbuds, kids can walk with one in their ear and one out.

All of this can be discussed at our next SLT meeting if we feel this is a problem.

PLC/CLT Meetings
We will begin rolling out the CLT meetings the 3rd week of school, August 29th.  This will give you a couple of weeks to settle into the new year, get to know your kids and give you a minute to breathe. 

On CLT Wednesdays, content area teachers will have their CLT meetings in the afternoon.  You will flip your team and personal plan time on those days in order to be able to meet as a CLT.  This is done for the teachers that teach both 7th and 8th grade classes.

Just a reminder that Tim Brown will be in our building next Tuesday and Thursday to work on webpages with anyone who wants support.  He will also come to Hixson on Friday by appointment.  All teacher and team webpages must be updated by August 31st

Safe Schools Training
Please remember to complete the Safe Schools Training before August 31st.

Student Planners
The planners have arrived and team leaders have been contacted by grade level principals.  All students will be given a paper planner this year.

First Week of School Schedule
Thank you to the committee for all their planning as we work to establish new Hixson traditions.  We appreciate all your work creating the schedule, planning and suggesting the ideas and batching up all the supplies for the door decorating contest.

Thank you
Open House was awesome and well received!  We got some helpful feedback to make next year even better.  Thanks to our teacher leadership for suggesting the idea to SLT. 

7th grade Mixer
The first social is this Friday from 6:30-8:30pm. Come see 7th graders at their first mixer!

Outs this Week

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Last Sunday Night Memo, 5/19/18

May 19, 2018

We made it...well, almost!  3.5 more days with kids and we can officially put 2017-2018 in the books and start summer. 

It's going to be a busy, busy week as we wrap up with kids, finish packing and make sure all the signatures needed are gathered to officially check out on Friday. 

Thank you for an awesome first year.  It's been a wonderful rollercoaster ride with lots of lessons learned.  I'm looking forward to the slower pace of summer to begin planning for next year.  I hope you find time to enjoy summer with friends and family and also some time to yourself.  Safe travels for those hitting the road or skies to explore during the time off.

Last Week
Please refer back to the list of events in your end of year closing packet.  We have the Regatta for the 7th graders, locker clean outs, Six Flags and the last day of school activities.

Please make sure to read the email Aimee sent out for Six Flags, even if you are staying back. 

Last Day of School
Our awesome last day of school committee members have planned a great day for kids to enjoy.  We will also be providing a light snack/lunch consisting of a hotdog, chips and water.  There will also be a snow cone truck.  Please let your kids know they will need money to purchase a snow cone.

We will have hot dogs, brats and chips for teachers as well to enjoy after the kids are gone.  This is not our official farewell meal. 

Last day for Teachers
Friday is the official last day for teachers.  We will have our farewell breakfast starting at 8:30 am.  Please join us in the cafeteria for breakfast catered by Chris' Cakes.  We will have pancakes, eggs, cheesy potatoes and sausages.  We will break bread together before we all head out for the summer.

When you are ready to check out, please bring your packet with all the signatures to either Aimee or me.  We will collect them and officially check you out.

Summer Communication
I'll be around for pretty much the whole summer.  If you need anything, send me a text (314-422-0810) or email me. 

When the new laptops are in, you will receive an email with information on when you can come and pick them up during the summer.

Be on the lookout for the back to school letter towards the end of July.  It will be coming to you the old fashioned way via snail mail.

Have a great last week!
With gratitude,