Sunday, October 14, 2018

Sunday Night Memo, 10/14/18

October 14, 2018

October Funk
I’ve been whining for years that we need a fall break in October to anyone who will indulge me.  The stretch of school from September to November is the longest in the school calendar without a sustained break.  For me, it’s the month that feels like it’s dragging.  I’m a little more tired, a bit grumpy and moving with a little less patience than normal.  It’s easy for me to get wrapped up in my own feelings and sometimes forget that what we do every day for kids needs to continue to happen at the same level as the start of the school year. 

Last Wednesday night, Mike and I got news that one of our kids at our old school died by suicide.  It’s still something we are processing.  Our kid was that kid that everyone knew whether she was in your class or in your grade-you knew her or about her in some capacity.  She had a head full of red hair and the sass and attitude to match it.  She could send an adult straight over the edge with her smart mouth but also make you catch your breath with a profoundness in her words that wasn’t typical for her age.  As Mike and I reminisced about all the antics that came with our kid, he reminded me about a phrase we heard from a local speaker years ago.  John O’Leary is a local guy who at the age of 9 sustained burns over his entire body, 100%, after he set his garage on fire while experimenting with gasoline.  He was not expected to survive but he did and now speaks about relationships and impact.  One of the statements he likes to use is to tell folks “I love you and there is nothing you can do about it”.  Mike reminded me that our kid was definitely that kid we had to say that to over and over again and show it by showing up every day for her.  In the end, we hope she knew that her school family loved her and the grownups didn’t give up.

Her passing was a kick in the heart reminder that yes, what we do every day for kids is hard work, the hardest of any profession because we hold kids in our hands. We don’t always know what is happening inside their heads and what they are struggling with outside of school.  What I do know though is that how we receive them and hold them is important.  Relationships matter.  For some kids, from the toughest ones that leave us completely drained to the quieter ones we wonder about, we need to tell them “I love you and there is nothing you can do about it”.   So, I’m going to stop whining about a Fall break that’s not going to show up anytime soon and just practice better self-care and be grateful for the big and small moments in my life.  I hope you are all taking care and being good to yourselves too.

SLT Meeting
SLT (School Leadership Team) will be meeting tomorrow at 3:35pm in the library.

Parent Teacher Conferences
Our PT Conferences begin on Tuesday.  Meals will be provided each day.  Beverages and dessert will also be provided by our awesome Social Courtesy team.  On Tuesday and Thursday, meals will be ready to go right at 3:30pm so head on down once the building is cleared.  On Wednesday, lunch will be ready to go at 12pm.
Tuesday is pizza and salad, Wednesday is a baked potato bar and Thursday is a taco bar.

No School
October 19th is our comp day for conferences.  Enjoy your day off recuperating from the long PT nights.

Ivory Crockett Run
Come join the fun at the annual Ivory Crockett Run on Saturday, October 20th.  It’s not too late to sign up and join the run fun.   All the money raised goes to support our grants awarded by the Foundation.

Halloween Trunk or Treat
On October 27th, the Gathering Church will be hosting a trunk or treat in the Elm Lot from 5-7pm.  They have extended an invitation to Hixson folks to come out with kids and join the festivities.  If you can’t make it but would like to donate candy for the kids, please drop it off in the main office and we will get it to them.

Marigold Sunday
You never know what adventure the book fair will bring...this is a shout out to Gail Tumminello for always rocking the book fair! When I walked in the other day I was reminded of a fashion design kit Gail recommended from the book fair for my daughter. Now, a few years later my daughter is still using that kit to design images of outfits and she and my Mom are planning to find a pattern and make one of her designs...ALL because of the inspiration of the book fair!!! Thank you Gail, I know this is a lot of work for you and your crew!

Sarah Bodi

Outs This Week
Aimee, Mike and I are out on Thursday from 8-12ish for a DLT meeting at CO

Have a great week.
With gratitude,

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Sunday Night Memo, 10/7/18

October 7, 2018

PTO Gift
We are very fortunate to have a PTO that cares so much about us.  If you would like to send a thank you note for the gift, you can leave them in my mailbox and I’ll deliver them at the next meeting.

Faculty Meeting
Our faculty meeting tomorrow will begin at 3:30pm in the cafeteria and we will finish our mission statement with our PLC consultants.  Our character committee leaders will also share the character lesson planned for later this month. 

Alan Gratz Author Visit
Just a reminder that Alan Gratz will be visiting on Wednesday and talking with the entire 7th grade.  Thank you for your flexibility with the disruption to the schedule.

Door Decorations
It’s been awesome seeing all the door decorations and a nice reminder of the school year kickoff.  As we enter into the Fall, it’s time to take down the decorations.  Thank you for your school spirit!

Parent Teacher Conferences
Parent teacher conferences are just around the corner and we have meals planned for each day.  Our social courtesy will provide dessert and drinks and dinner will be the following:
Tuesday-Pizza and Salad
Wednesday-Baked Potato Bar
Thursday-Taco Bar (provided by our PTO)

We have some new faces in the building.  Please give a warm welcome to:
·       Mayra Alvarez who is joining our custodial team
·       Trevon Wicks who is joining our custodial team
·       Jodie Hintze who is our building substitute
·       Jamie Young who is our long term sub for Leslie Creath

Marigold Sunday
I was standing at bus duty with Omar Akins (he is always the first one to the door) last week when he excited pulled out a cloth zippered pouch that he made in facs.  He was so PROUD of that little bag that had his name embroidered on it he showed me how it opened and closed but was most excited his name!  I just wanted Christy and Jill to know how impactful those projects really are to our students!
Submitted by Gail T.

Have a great week!
With gratitude,