Sunday, August 20, 2017

Sunday Night Memo 8/20/17

First Week
Thank you for an awesome first week!  It was an exciting one with the modified lock-down and sudden rainstorm.  Everyone did an awesome job locking down their rooms and keeping kids calm. It was also great seeing kids navigating their way through the hallways, looking for teachers and reuniting with friends.  I'm excited about our year and look forward to all the amazing things we will do for kids.  I hope you had a chance to relax this weekend.

Solar Eclipse
The historic eclipse is upon us!  Thank you to our science teachers for prepping us along with students.  Please make sure to review the slides and procedures that was emailed out last week.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Team Leaders
Thank you to the following folks for leading their teams this year:
Oak-Randy Rachal
Sequoia-Kendra Day
Willow-Lisa Pettid
Monoceros-Liz Goosen
Hickory-Liz Majino
Phoenix-Dawn Meyer
Orion-Eric Hayes
Andromeda-Sherri Rachal

Through our SLT meetings, we will work to restructure some of our departments.  Once we are able to do that, we will also ask our elective teachers to select team leaders too.

Discovery Class Circles
For the next month or so, I'll be scheduling time to lead community building circles with kids through Discovery class.  Thank you for letting me come in. I'll let you know once a schedule is completed.

Fire Drill
Our first fire drill is scheduled for Wednesday (8/23) at 9:30am.  Please review the email that Todd sent out last week.

The first DLT (District Level Team) meeting will be this Thursday (8/24) beginning at 8am.  I'll be out during the morning for it but if you need anything, please don't hesitate to send an email or text.

Front Office Time Revision
Sarah Cetro's time has been revised slightly. On Mondays and Fridays, her hours will be 7:45am-3:45pm.

Coming Up
Open House will be on Thursday, 8/31 at 6:00pm.
District PD will on on Friday, 9/1-more information to follow
No School on Monday, 9/4 for Labor Day
Faculty Meeting on Monday, 9/11-Intruder Drill Refresher

Have a great week everyone!

With Gratitude,

Monday, August 14, 2017

Monday Memo 8/14

A picture is worth a thousand words and this picture that emerged out of the Charlottesville tragedy this weekend says a lot.  This picture has been circulating on my news feed to capture the sentiment of thoughts in Charlottesville and the state of our country.  Though it is a historical photograph, it is also relevant to where we still are in 2017.  I shared this picture because as we begin to welcome kids back into the folds of our lives, it is a reminder of our great responsibility as educators.  As educators, it is not our place to teach our personal values to students but instead to teach them how to think.  For when kids know how to think, they will be empowered far beyond those who know only what to think.  This will begin to enact the change in our world. 

As we prepare for our first day of school, here's some information and reminders:

First Day
The PTO will be providing a coffee bar with breakfast pastries beginning at 7:45am until 9:00am as a welcome back appreciation!  Please come to the library media center for coffee and a breakfast pastry hosted by our supportive PTO.

Nurse Conrad will be sending an email with a list of 8th grade students who do not have their state required immunizations.  8th grade teachers, if any of the students on your list arrive in your class, please send them down to the cafeteria with their belongings.

On Wednesday, Dr. Roberts and Dr. Vogt will be holding entire grade level principal talks in the auditorium during the following hours:
·       1st hour-8th grade
·       7th hour-7th grade
Please take attendance and bring your students down.

Hallway Duty Expectations
During the hallway-passing period, it is important for teachers to be on duty for supervision.  Once the bell rings and students are dismissed, please make sure you are in the hall outside of your doorway.  At the start of the day, please be in the hallways when the first bell rings to dismiss students to their 1st hour.

Taking Attendance
Please take attendance in the first few minutes of class and submit absences.  For safety and security, it is important for the front office to know when students are not in class.

Discovery:  Selfie-Wall Project and Innovation Expectations
During the first couple of weeks in Discovery, as you begin to get to know your students and build community, we will be working on selfies and quotes.  Please introduce the selfie-wall project to your students in discovery. 
        1.)Each student will take a selfie (by himself or herself) and find a quote that represents them.  The         quote will need to be school appropriate and approved by the teacher.
        2.) As you introduce the selfie-wall project, please connect it to legacy.  Ask students what they                think legacy means and what they want their legacy at Hixson and in the world to be. 
Jason will be sending out more techie instructions on how to gather the selfies and put the quotes on the pictures this week.

Just a reminder that we will continue giving the thinking strategies lesson and one pager at the end of each month.  As you introduce discovery to students, please remember that they will read for the first 15 minutes and then use the remainder of the time for Innovation projects/pursuits.

Team Expectations-Responsible, Ready and Respectful
During the first week of school, as teams establish community and expectations, we will continue with the three R’s.  This year, through our SLT, we will revisit the words and reevaluate if it still captures our Hixson vision.

As teams begin to design their web pages, please make note of a place to share what day the team help session will be held.

Hallway Makeover
In the next couple of months, we will begin to redesign the look of our hallways by placing student artwork and images of important moments in history throughout our halls.  Please feel free to send me your thoughts on any historical photo moments in history.  I will compile them, begin to order them and hang them in the halls.

Solar Eclipse
Our fabulous science teachers have done a great job preparing for the solar eclipse.  Please be on the lookout for the safety video, reminder instructions and a map of the layout this week.  We are going to walk all students down to Moss Field and ask parents to meet their students on there if they are coming up to view the eclipse with their kids. 

“I Wish for You”

I wish for you a fantastic start to the New Year with renewed commitments to kids and excitement for the upcoming year!  As we continue to get to know each other, please know my door is always open for conversation.  I am looking forward to serving as your principal and beginning our journey together.

With Gratitude,