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MM Week of August 29, 2016

Week of August 29, 2016
Another great week ahead of us!!!
I know this is 2 pages – but please read it!!!!

Monday, 8/29                    HAPPY BIRTHDAY DANA MITCHELL
7:30 Principals meet
Principal talks (SSD students join whichever group/time fits their schedule)
Team WI – 1st hour cafeteria
Team PH – 7th hour cafeteria

Tuesday, 8/30
Principal talks -
Team OA – 1st hour cafeteria
Team OR – 7th hour cafeteria

Wednesday, 8/31
Pam to team meetings – 9:29 Monoceros; 10:22 Phoenix
Principal talks -
Team SE – 1st hour cafeteria
Team MO – 7th hour cafeteria

Thursday, 9/1­
(See below)
Pam to team meetings – 9:29 Andromeda; 10:22 Orion
3:45 Parent Advisory – first meeting – dress code discussion
REMINDER:  Please do not approach a student about their attire.  Send (email) your concerns to me and I'll follow up.

Friday, 9/2
8:00 potluck breakfast, 8:30 – 11:30 Innovation hour, 11:30 -12:30 lunch on your own, 12:30-1:00 Innovation Hour debrief, 1:00-1:30 Social media, 1:30 – 2:30 Intervention compass, 2:30 – 3:30 tie on your own (classroom or team)

Saturday, 9/3                     HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARIA PANGELINAN

Pam will meet with 7th grade teams after Labor Day.   Pam will meet with Elective teachers the following week. 

Principal's Advisory – Students interested will need to put their name on a piece of paper and place it in the envelope.  Please turn those envelopes in to Pam on Thursday 9/1.  Student names will be drawn – 1 per team – plus 1 alternate per team.  Thank you for your help with this. 

Please fill out the(anonymous) Innovation Hour survey before the end of Monday (August 29th)
Here is the link:

We will use the data to design the specifics for the Sep 2 PD.

Please hold your bike riders and walkers until 3:25 – we have many students on the front porch waiting for someone to walk/ride with at the end of the day.   We hope to tweak our dismissal procedures sometime in the future –   but with your help, we have seen a much safer dismissal these first 2 weeks. 

We must move the copy machine back into the library.  It is not an ideal place because of library instruction, the noise level, etc.   Yet, every other copy machine plan we came up with was not approved.  Gail knows the importance of keeping the copy machine, but we must be respectful of the happenings in the library.  Please do not use the copy machine when she is teaching or having other activities in there.  It is not a place to gather, nor to have conversations.  I appreciate Gail's willingness to make this work for the school.  Please be courteous and help Gail keep the library a great place for teaching and learning. 

Remember … parent volunteers must complete a volunteer form to be in the school and work with children.  Parents who volunteer for field trips must have a screening done and the cost is $11.00.  Include that in the cost of your field trips.  It takes 2 weeks to have the screening processed so keep that in mind when asking for volunteers.  Also – if your volunteers cannot attend a field trip, you cannot ask another parent in the last minute.  All field trip volunteers must have a screening completed. 

Conferences and times for October are: Tuesday, 10/11 4:00-8:00, Wednesday, 10/12 1-3:30, Thursday, 10/13 4:00-8:00.  Friday, 10/14 Off.  Kathy Edwards and Adrienne Collins have changed all Hixson/District calendars to reflect that change. 

Dr. Vogt put together wonderful SLO directions, time lines, etc.  She and I will be attending another training session on Monday regarding SLOs.   We will continue to provide you with support

Social Media and Media exclusion – Please use only professional accounts when posting if you include your families on the posts.  No personal accounts. If you are using social media in your classroom, please read the document linked below.
Media exclusion – please check before you put anything out.   Be careful about what you post and what you allow your families to see.  Kathy has emailed the media exclusion list, it has been added it to the faculty briefcase, and you may also find it in SIS by clicking on the "Student User-Defined Data" button (icon is the boy in blue shirt in front of a filing cabinet). If there is a "yes" next to MediaX, you may not post the student's picture. If the parents have asked for no posting, no picture of their child should be posted. This includes the back of the student's head and editing the picture to blur out the student's face.

We are looking for a staff representative for the WGSD Foundation – This is more of a contact person role and of course you'd be welcome at their meetings.  Dr. Simpson believes we can be more visible and involved with this group since they give our district lots of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

One last thing…. Honest
                We are flipping the a.m. dismissal from gym & auditorium – 8:25 8tth grade students, 8:28 7th grade students.  7th grade students may use the center stairway if the one near the gym backs up. 

The end!
Ahhhhhhh – we're coming to a long weekend….enjoy!

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