Friday, August 19, 2016

MM Aug. 22nd Try Again


Week of August 22, 2016


Thank you Tech Department!

Monday, 8/22

No a.m. Hixson Principals meeting

3:30 PLC – Meet in the cafĂ© – Team building activity and time to work in teams on SLO

7:00 BOE meeting - CO


Tuesday, 8/23


Wednesday, 8/24

9:30 Fire Drill


Thursday, 8/25

a.m. Principal's meetings – PBIS, Adv. Club, DLT at SC


Friday, 8/26



Did you know ….  Jennifer Shaughnessy received tenure this year!!!


Please check the doors and windows of the classroom you teach in and note if there is some visibility to the classroom.  This is for your safety.  I can help you look at the room entry to make sure that there is a way to see you and your students at all times.  For example: take a look at the window in the Principal's doorway – it doesn't need to be any bigger than that.  This comes right on the heels of the "Safe Schools" training.  So – for intruder safety – you will only have this small opening and if we would need to "hide" we'd move away from doors and windows anyway.  Questions – see me. 


IDEA REPS – Thank you Rob Rambach and Katie Kraushaar for volunteering to represent Hixson!


COMING SOON – PRINCIPAL'S ADVISORY … Student Representatives from each team will meet with me one hour/once a week to discuss school relate issues and work toward solutions they'll have a voice in making.  I'll get out a separate email on the volunteering/selecting process next week.


We've been getting some great feedback on our "Can't Stop the Music Video" – such as: "Those Middle School teachers can move!"  Thank you again Aimee for coordinating this effort!


Also – thank you for your work in preparing for Open House – I received so many compliments about the wonderful teachers and how grateful they are to have their students with you!


Our Stacey Hill is going on full time medical leave.  She bravely tried to work half days and it was too much for her.  She must take it easy and take care of herself.  I know we all wish her well.  

On that note – we have hired Mebbie Landsness as a sub Stacey.  She will start on Tuesday, 8/23.  Mebbie is certified 5th – 8th grade Math and Chemistry.  Welcome Mebbie!


Last week I mentioned personal goals through the iObservation process.  I have access now and checked on where we are in the process.  New teachers have begun and need to finish their inventory (this will help you figure out your goals).  We all need 3 goals 2 from Domain 1 and 1 from any other Domain.  Yes – you can carry over your goals from last year.  The easiest way is to cut and paste a new document into iObservation.  I cannot see your goals until you give me access and then I can review, offer suggestions and approve them.  Please try to get your goals written, or revised and ready to go prior to September 6th.   If you need help I will gladly work on your goals with you, help with the tech process, etc.  Although I'm a bit rusty, I think I can relearn this process rather quickly. 


Congratulations Randy and Sherri Rachal for approval on their Long Term Learning application entitled Democracy (student choice) in the Social Studies Classroom.  And congratulations to Jason Heisel (and colleagues) for receiving approval for #wgsdchat.


I'm looking forward to another great week with this fabulous staff!  Thank you for all you do!  Pam


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