Sunday, October 4, 2015

Monday Memo, Week of October 5th

Essential Information                 

-  Please ensure you are playing announcements for students each day before the 8:35 bell.  We have an average of about 24 teachers showing the announcements and we need to be seeing 40-45 for all students to see.  Please let me know if we can help you in any way.  Thank you!

-  PLC Today 3:30. Please bring your PLC binder and relevant materials.  Room assignments:
  • ELA, Science, and electives (except PE) will meet in the cafeteria with Dr. Smith, Dr. Vogt, and Jill Right
  • Social Studies and PE will meet in room 118 with Dr. Miller
  • Math will meet in room 114 with Dr. Roberts
This PLC work will be focused on Learning Content and creating and finalizing the Rubric for your PLC's SLO. Here is the link to the template if your team feels ready to add content electronically to the Google document. Please be sure you make a copy and rename it by your grade level content area (8th Science) so everyone is not writing in the same document!!! SLO TEMPLATE

-  i-Observation Professional Growth Plans are due Monday, October 19th.  Click the link below for a shared document containing examples of growth plan for different elements.  If you are struggling with choosing meaningful and realistic growth goals, you may choose to use the example in the document below (Monitoring Progress Relative to the Professional Growth and Development Plan) in addition to our common goal of "tracking student progress" and then choose a third focus area. Your evaluator will formatively work with you throughout the school year on your identified area(s) for growth.  Please click link below for examples:

-  Scheduling Committee.  Please click the link below and add your name if you are interested in participating in our scheduling committee this year to brainstorm ideas for 2016-2017. 


-  I have sent emails to teams if I need to schedule our team meeting this month.  Thanks!

September Walkthrough Data, 71 total walkthroughs 

Below you will find our baseline Walkthrough data from September. Our goals are to ensure we are seeing electives and core teams on an equitable basis and ensure individual teachers have increasingly higher numbers of WTs for feedback with a goal of 20-25 per teacher.

We are looking for a good balance of Teacher directed and student engaged instruction and an increase over time in the percentage of time differentiated instruction and proficiency scales/rubrics are observed.

Great start to the year everyone!  There are amazing learning and growth opportunities and experiences happening for our students each hour of every day!  :-)

As a side note, I will work with Mr. Heisel to get higher quality data images to you in the future!

43.7%- Electives 56.3% Core
 94.4% of the time Learning Goals are posted and 95.7% of the time Learning Goals are being utilized with students :)
 60.6% of the time Teacher Directed Instruction and 39.4% of the time Student Engaged Instruction.  This is a higher % for SE instruction than last year at this time :)

 33.3% of the time DI is observed
 100% of the time climate is conducive to learning :)
 39.9% of the time general or specific proficiency scale is posted/used with students

Good to Know                              

-  Conferences 10-13, 10-14, 10-15

-  You are the BEST STAFF EVER!!!!  You are appreciated!!!



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