Sunday, October 11, 2015

Monday Memo Week of October 12th

Essential Information                 

Had a great weekend, got to go see Ohio State Football!
Brutus says hi Jenny, Eric, and Leslie!
-  Hope you all had a wonderful weekend in the crisp, cool air and sunshine!  We will have a great week, four long days and a three day weekend :)

-  No Monday Meeting Today, PLC next week 10/19

-  Conferences this week: October 13th Tuesday 4-8, Social courtesy organized IMOs dinner click here by noon Monday to order and send your 8$ to Dr. Vogt , Wednesday 1-5, and Oct 15th Thursday 4-8- PTO provides dinner!  Thank you.

-  i-Observation Professional Growth Plans are due Monday, October 19th.  Click the link below for a shared document containing examples of growth plan for different elements.  If you are struggling with choosing meaningful and realistic growth goals, you may choose to use the example in the document below (Monitoring Progress Relative to the Professional Growth and Development Plan) in addition to our common goal of "tracking student progress" and then choose a third focus area. Your evaluator will formatively work with you throughout the school year on your identified area(s) for growth.  Please click link below for examples:

-  Would you like to be part of our Learning Design Collaborative team to create a long and short term plan for learning at Hixson?  Last year we formed what we called "scheduling committee" to look at strengths and areas for refinement in how we offer courses and learning opportunities for students.  The results of this team's work are reflected in the new lunch schedule this year.  There were many effective and viable ideas generated with this team's work last year which were put in a "parking lot" as we were uncertain as to the future of Hixson with the possible 6th-8th grade center.  Our Learning Design Collaborative team will continue this work from last year.  I am asking for volunteers who feel they can contribute to our vision for learning in the next five years.  We will continue this work by spending one full day off site in collaboration in the coming weeks.

Please click the link below and add your name if you are interested in participating in our team this year to brainstorm learning ideas to meet goals for 2016-2017 and beyond. 

-  MALALA GRANT UPDATE:  we are still awaiting more information regarding the opportunity for our students to participate in seeing the Malala documentary.  As soon as it becomes available we will begin disseminating the information and permission slips immediately.

Good to Know                              

-   Please ensure you are playing announcements for students each day before the 8:35 bell.  We have an average of about 24 teachers showing the announcements and we need to be seeing 40-45 for all students to see. Thank you




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