Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Hello Hixson!

The First 30 Days at Hixson...Day 2, post 1/2

It is day 2 of my work as the principal of HMS.  To be honest, I was too scared of blogging to try this yesterday, but I believe in pushing past limits...the only way to get comfortable is to DO something!!  If this trend continues, I expect each day to continue to be better than the last.  Things I've learned so far in 2 days:
  • We have the best people on the planet working here!
  • July 4th invades Hixson (and I don't think they'll give us a discount on corndogs!)
  • The ice machine works year round
  • How to access the vault in 30 seconds or less
  • I am now officially a "blogger" (thanks to Heisel)
  • How to arm and disarm the security system without triggering the police
  • Where the supply closet is!  (no, I haven't taken anything...yet!)
  • Herman and crew are AMAZING
  • The Block has amazing food...bacon jam (need I say more...)
  • WGSD is by far my favorite school district : )

HMS Welcomes Three New Math Teachers!

I am pleased to introduce you to our three new math teachers on Unity, Synthesis, and Journey!

Jordan Kloster, Unity

Jordan will be in her fourth year of teaching middle school math.  She is coming to us from Sacred Heart School, prior to SH, she taught middle school for a year at Lindbergh as a Mizzou Fellow.  Jordan is a dynamic teacher and her heart is 110% focused on helping kiddos learn, grow, and succeed!  

Vinnie Raimondo, Synthesis

Vinnie will be in his second year of teaching and is coming to us from Troy Middle School. Vinnie is a Webster graduate whose passion for this district shines! Vinnie is very student-centered and has an upbeat personality.  When you meet Vinnie, it will be as if he has been here for years!

Ashley Coffman, Journey

Ashley will be in her third year of teaching math, she is coming to us from Fulton High School.  Ashley is an innovative teacher who is full of engaging lesson ideas.  Ashley's strengths include effectively using instructional technology and relating math to real-life!

Stay tuned...more to follow...


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