Thursday, July 3, 2014

Sign-Up to Meet With Dr. Smith

Day 2...Post 2/2

In case I didn't have the opportunity to tell you in the spring, Jeremy and I were married in May, my new last name is Smith.  I am thrilled to have a last name which is uncomplicated...although the first few times I used it, someone from the phone company asked me, "So, that's Smith as in S-M-I-T-H?"

In looking at the time, just so you know, I will often crash for a while in the evening and then shoot up awake around 1:00 am ready to get back to work!

Attached below is the link to the sign-up sheet for summer meetings with me.  Feel free to sign up individually or as a group.  I have marked out my unavailable times on the calendar and filled in slots with appointments I currently have scheduled.  I am looking forward to meeting with you and getting to know more about your beliefs, goals, and hopes for this school year.

Thank you!
~ Stacie

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