Friday, January 31, 2014

WGSD Foundation 2014-15 Alumni and Major Grants

What's your idea for a WGSD Foundation Alumni or Major Grant?  You might consider:
  • Technology, 
  • Classroom furniture,
  • Units of study, programs, or other pilots.
Below is Jerry Pinkner's e-mail to administrators.  Click here to access the documents he mentions.

The WGSD Foundation is proud to announce our 2014-15 Alumni and Major Grants. We will be excited to award 10 Major grants up to $5,000 each and one Alumni Foundation grant up to $15,000 to the greatest school district of teachers and staff!

Last year we awarded 3 Alumni grants of $12,000, $9,000, and $6,000 and then less in major grants, but we will always award a combination of at least $65,000, and hopefully more every year!

Applications are attached and available online on our website at . Principals please e-mail to your staff and I am sure that Sarah and Stephanie will follow up in the future.  All grants are due to Stephanie Batson by April 1st, 2014, although teachers are encouraged to get them in to her early for possible help.

If any teachers want feedback on viability of ideas and probability of success they can e-mail me directly at .

Thanks for all you do!

Jerry Pinkner
WGSD Foundation President
Grants Chair
Cell 314-803-8204

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