Sunday, November 24, 2013

Prototype Update: Conferences

The prototypes for a revised conference schedule appear to have elicited good conversation.  Although the problem statements for each prototype are different, they all contain an element of needing more time slots for parents.

I did speak with Linda Holliday since two of the prototypes require changes in the calendar.  At this time, it is unlikely that the two prototypes requiring district-level calendar changes will work.  In addition, there were concerns that August and November were too early and too late, respectively.  Therefore, we are left with the prototype that designates specific team times for conferences and uses faculty meeting time in October as well.  I am willing to give up both October faculty meetings.  I will rely on what can be conveyed via the Network during October 2014 in favor of this decision.

Click here to review this schedule.  There are some details that will still need to be worked out.

Another theme in the feedback had to do with the expectation for conferences.  I would not say that 100% parent participation is an expectation, so much as a worthy and appropriate goal to improve and support student learning, parent-school communication, and relationship building.  There are many ways that we conference besides the meetings schedule in October; we know that Dr. Roberts advertises the "conference window" such that we are able to count a meetings and contacts beyond just those scheduled explicitly during our afternoon and evening conference designations.

This year we had 95% participation with team conferences; this is excellent.  Your hard work and commitment make this happen annually. I would expect that we maintain or improve this.  I cannot think of a reason why we would not want to conference, in some way, with 100% of our parents.

When I report to the board, I share our conference statistics.  Since 2010, we have been at or above 95% participation for fall conferences.  These percentages show that our parents and care-givers value this time and that we demonstrate a commitment to parent involvement and communication.

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