Sunday, November 24, 2013

November 25, 2013

I am thankful that we are at Hixson Middle School together.  I am thankful for all the ways you challenge and support me. And I am thankful we have one another in our joy and our hard work.

I hope your Thanksgiving is a time spent just as you need it.

Differentiated Instruction (DI) Resources on the Network
Might task initiation be challenging during a three-day week before a long weekend? Check out these Task Initiation ideas from the Differentiated Instruction section of the Network.  Click here for more.

Mid-Year Check-In
If you haven't scheduled time with me yet, please do! Both WGSD and SSD staff should click here to do this. I will use our 15 minutes for the following:
  • How's your progress toward your growth plan (or what revisions will you be making to it)?
  • What's going well that you are glad to share?
  • What else might be on your mind for me to know?
11/25 Faculty Meeting
There are two tech sessions offered as choices this month:
  • Put Your Hands on a Chromebook, and
  • WGCloud Recap.
Click here to indicate how you will spend your faculty meeting time.

Pulitzer Visit
This week I have received phone calls and e-mails from parents who were appreciative and proud as well as from those who were upset and confused by the documentary the Pultizer Center shared with our school last week (about eight of each kind, actually).  Local pastors have written me as well; one praised me for creating a safe space for the discussion and one shared that he was appalled I allowed our visitors to speak at all.  It's a bit confusing.  I apologized, in a blog post to parents, for not communicating about the Pultizer Center's visit better (read it here).  I should apologize to you and Drs. Miller and Roberts, as well, if you or they had to field phone calls or e-mails on my behalf.  Thank you for taking this on, if you had to.

Frankly, I am proud that the Pulitzer Center visits us. I am proud of the ways our students behaved, their compassion, and their interest.  I am proud of all the ways each of you contribute to a school where such a documentary as "The Abominable Crime" can be shared.  I've also learned a great deal about how to better plan for and communicate about such opportunities.

Fall 2014 Conference Schedule Prototype
Click here for an update on where we are with the conference schedule for Fall 2014.  Mrs. Davis is building the referral prototype in Drive, so I'll have that to share soon.  Perhaps I should be farther ahead with the others . . . I'm working on it.

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