Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Updates for Conference Week

The Hixson-Staff listserv isn't work properly, so I am posting the following here until we can e-mail all-school updates again.  Thank you for your flexibility and determined good work this week of teaching and conferences and health and career fairs!

Fire Drill
Today's fire drill will be around 10:30am.  Webster Groves Fire Department will be on campus for this drill.

Health and Career Fairs
Several teachers have asked me about scheduling for Wednesday.  I apologize for not giving more information about how students will be organized to attend the Health and Career Fairs earlier.  Since this is our first year holding these events on the same day, we are going to organize students in the manner I describe below and use this experience to help us plan better for next year.

The Career Fair is smaller this year and will no longer include an introduction (in the past, students gathered on the bleachers and the counselors checked in about the activities).  Our guests for the Career Fair will set up in the Cafeteria.  Our Health Fair will be in the gym as in years past. 

Since Wednesday is marked as neither an A- or B-day (but as an * day), please tell students to follow their A-day schedules.  Students who would have gym on an A-day will meet in the gym and visit the Health Fair.  Students who are in Discovery, Learning Strategies, or GEMS will meet in one of those classes and will visit the Career Fair in the Cafeteria once teachers take attendance.  Half way through the period, students will switch venues and then be dismissed from Cafeteria or Gym.

Again, I apologize for the late notice regarding this.  I am erring on the side of visiting both fairs to be respectful of your planning this week (this feels like short notice regarding the plan).  Since students visit booths based on interest and since the Career Fair is smaller, I believe that 10-12 minutes in each fair will be sufficient (I think of all that our students are able to play and do while at 10 minutes of recess).

This Afternoon/Evening

  • Please take some time to visit and encourage parents to visit the food trucks on our campus.  We stand to benefit from their sales.
  • I will be at a Curriculum Coordinating Meeting this evening during some of our conference time.  I will return from that meeting to finish conferences with you.
Wednesday Morning Reminders
  • Please leave space for our Health and Career Fair guests to park close to door number 23 on the Elm Lot.
  • Due to set up in the gym and cafeteria, students will meet in the auditorium before school.  

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