Sunday, October 6, 2013

October 7, 2013

Conference week is always a busy and important time.  Your time with parents is valuable, and they appreciate all the ways you reach out and accommodate them during team or other times if a time this week does not work.  Friday will be a well-deserved and well-earned day off.

Career and Health Fairs
This Wednesday, we have both our Career and Health Fairs.  I am looking forward to both of these events.  We will have many guests in the building who are offering their time and expertise to our students.  Please leave ample room in the Elm parking lot for our visitors and guests to park (particularly since many bring artifacts and other items as a part of their set up).

Team Rep Meetings
The meeting scheduled for Monday 3:30pm for team representatives will take 30 minutes or less given that the only agenda items are from me (regarding the purpose and formative of these meetings, Discovery expectations and conferences). Only one member of each team needs to attend; of course, any teacher, whether you're on a 7th or 8th grade team or not, is welcome to attend. If there are agenda items you would like me to consider, please e-mail them to me.  We will meet in Sherri Evans' room.

Conference Feedings
Thanks to Sarah Bodi and our SCC for getting the Meltdown and Cake Stop food trucks on our campus and for organizing our orders for Tuesday afternoon.  Our PTO will be providing food on Wednesday and Thursday.  

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