Sunday, September 29, 2013

September 30, 2013

Last week, unfortunately, I was out of school more than in school.  I appreciate all the ways many of you check in with and on me.  This weekend I was well enough to return to my daily walk, and I look forward to returning to full days of work this week.  Your dedication and focus are even more obvious when I am absent and then return to a school buzzing with learning and curiosity and amazing students and teachers.

On Tuesday, those on the vertical learning study (with which I participated for half a day) remarked how welcoming and warm Hixson is.  They were excited to see so much student work,  to hear so many student voices, and to observe such a variety of teaching practice.  Thank you for all the ways you contribute to this.

Thanks, also, for participating in this week's Hat Day and JAM Day activity and for attending Friday's football game to support our band, if you were able.

Team Rep Meetings
This year, instead of visiting each team individually, I am holding regular all-teams-together meetings.  Our first one for the year is on 10/7 at 3:30pm.  It will last no more than an hour.  Only one member of each team needs to attend; of course, any teacher, whether you're on a 7th or 8th grade team or not, is welcome to attend.  The purpose of these meetings is for us to check in regarding team expectations and to provide a network and support for problem solving challenges that arise for teams.  If there are agenda items you would like me to consider, please e-mail them to me.

Please continue to advocate for conferences with parents with whom you most need to meet.  I have shared with parents that, if they have already had a team meeting, IEP, or other check in, they do not need to schedule a conference so another parent might.  We have a long window of time during which to take our conference statistics, so we do not only need to count the conferences the week of 10/7 as parent contacts.

We will have the Meltdown and Cake Stop food trucks on campus on 10/8 for conferences.  The PTO will providing dinner and snacks on 10/9 and 10/10 for conferences.  They are eager to be supportive during these times.

This week, all of the principals will be out on Tuesday, October 1st, for continued inter-rater reliability training with the iObservation instrument.

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