Saturday, October 12, 2013

October 14, 2013

Thank you for your energy and commitment during conference week.  Your work is important and impressive, and I received feedback from a variety of parents to support this.  I hope your three-day weekend was restful and rewarding.

Faculty Meeting 10/14
We have our monthly faculty meeting on Monday, 10/14, at 3:30pm in the cafeteria.  Click here to review the PowerPoint from our last meeting, and click here to review the summary and notes I shared the next day.  Reviewing these isn't required, but if you have the time and inclination, it might be helpful.

Third Monday (10/21)
We do not have required meetings on third Mondays (unless your department has agreed to meet at this time).  However, Jason will be offering a repeat of a past technology session (WGCloud and Google+), and I will be available to work with team teachers on Discovery.  Click here to let me know if you are interested in either.  (A Discovery workshop option will also be offered on 10/28.)

Keyless Entry (Coming Soon)
Beginning in November, maybe earlier, faculty and staff will receive key cards that will unlock doors 22 and 23 (off the Elm lot) during a specific time period.  This will make getting in the building easier before school and during the day.  This will be done at no cost to Hixson as we are part of a beta grant.  I will share more information when I have it.

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