Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Mid-Week Update: 8/21/13

This mid-week update is brought to you by Juror #592 . . .

Fourth Monday Faculty Meetings are designed with you in mind.  You will choose how you will use that hour of time.  This month your choices include:

  • Tech Training Option 1: Grade Book Revisited
  • Tech Training Option 2: Edline Setup
  • Tech Training Option 3: WGcloud for Beginners
  • Working independently in your classroom*
  • Working with your team*
  • Working with your department*

Choose one by clicking here and entering your name and indicating on your choice. I'll add room numbers as soon as they are confirmed.

*If you choose one of these options, you will need to share artifacts from your work (e.g., an agenda, notes, the test you might have modified, etc.); Dr. Heisserer can clarify if necessary.

Open House will be on Wednesday, August 28th, beginning at 6:30pm.  You can look at the schedule and some notes by clicking here.  Open House is important to our relationships with parents and is never perfect, so please be flexible, as we always are.  I know you are diligent with what and how you present to parents.

Based on a few conversations, I would like to clarify the Edline Teacher Site Requirements.  Click here to review Dr. Simpson's requirements.

We will be sending MAP results home with students Friday of this week.

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