Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Classroom Printers

What you need to know:
  • Teachers may print 25 pieces of paper to a classroom printer, daily; students do not have a limit. 
  • When you reach your printer limit for the day you will receive an e-mail stating how many prints you have made/sent to the classroom printer.  
    • The e-mail will read as if you have money in an account.
    • This is a limitation of the software; you are not limited by the amount of money, but by the number of prints you send.
  • This email is strictly to let you know that you've reached your limit for the day. Nothing more, nothing less.
The details: 
  • The system is designed to allow you a total cost in printing. In order to make the system work simply, each piece of paper was given the "cost" of $0.10 (even though we know it costs $0.037/print to print).
  • Each teacher, therefore, has an "allowance" of $2.50 for each day. 
  • So 25 pieces of paper per day to classroom printers. 
Please remember:
  • This does not apply to copy machines.
  • The cost and the allowance do not represent actual monetary value.
  • Students do not have printing limits.
Next year,

  • Classrooms will be equipped with laptops that connect to the print server so students can print because
  • Google Chromebooks cannot print at this time.

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