Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Minimum Website Requirements

From John Simpson (and for your future reference):

With the increasing importance of school district web sites for communicating to parents and our community, we've asked the Professional Development  Committee, the Library Media Technology  Committee and the District Leadership Team to consider what elements should appear on all staff web pages. Those participating agreed on five areas, which we ask all staff members to include, as minimum requirements, for their school web sites:

·         Your role in the building
·         Contact information for someone to reach you at work
·        *  Links to any resources you use regularly with your students and families
·         *Links to the Parent Portal (K-12) and any other resources for students and families, as determined by your building
·         *Link to homework or home learning site (or a clarifying statement regarding for families)  
 *Links can be to sites other than Edline.
**You are no longer required to use the Calendar in Edline.
This summer, Pat Weaver will lead multiple workshops for staff members to help them complete the transition from School Center to Edline. School Center sites will disappear Dec. 31, 2013. If you haven't made the move to Edline yet, please sign up for one of the workshops. They will be your last opportunity to receive release time/stipend for this work. You can register below.

If you have any questions regarding the above, please reach out to your building representatives on the committees listed above or contact one of us.

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