Sunday, September 2, 2012

September 4, 2012

Thank you, all, for your contributions to Open House.  Parents had many positive things to say about teams, about teachers, about the format, about their student's excitement . . . some parents said they had "so much fun" walking the building.  Many shared how impressed they are with you, our faculty.  All totaly, I have received 15 e-mails, all positive.  Our parents believe in your dedication and passion.  Thank you for sharing this.  If you have feedbak or suggestions on Open House, click here.
Based on the feedback I have received from our PD day, it seems that all of us will be ready by 9/17 to be using the calendar function in  Wherever you are posting your homework, just make sure there's a link on the calendar to that place. I will do my best to provide more time for development on our new web software.
September is here, and I am looking forward to students benefitting from regular reading time in Discovery and the other benefits support for implementing Discovery expectations bring.
A few more notes follow:
Learning Goals
I have updated Learning Designs with a proficiency scale for this year's expectations for posting learning goals.  Hopefully, this will be helpful to our learning.  I am always available for questions and feedback.
Your Input
This summer a small group of teachers met to discuss to discuss how we might better implement RtI (response to intervention) and a Care Team in the building.  Having shared data and expectations with the team, we need to discuss next steps for the building. If you are interested in continuing to be a part of these discussions or becoming a part of these discussions, please let me know by clicking here. You may use the same link if you have any comments or questions. I will schedule a meeting in September.
The above builds expectation and process for students academically, we can also apply this process in somewhat adjusted ways to behaviors. Due to some changes in district expectations, we are able to do our PBIS work somewhat differently.  Therefore, I am also interested in how some of the data aspects of PBIS might become a part of this RtI work and discussion.
Upcoming Dates: Don't forget you can always view upcoming Faculty Meetings and Release Dates and Topics by bookmarking this link.
  • PDPs and Required Staff Training Tracker Due:  Monday, 9/10
  • Faculty Meeting: 9/10
  • AST-Focused Faculty Meeting: 9/24

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