Friday, August 31, 2012

Proficiency Scale for this Year's Expectations for Learning Goals

This week, I am publishing a proficiency scale for this year's expectation for posting learning goals: All teachers will post a learning goal every day in every class.  I added one more piece to this expectation: not only that you post, but that you use the goal as part of the learning and part of your teacher talk.
The proficiency scale is my best draft so far and has 5 levels, 0-4.  Each level contains a descriptor and some examples.  Remember, that Level 3 is the target: applying.  Level 4 represents the next level: paring learning goals and proficiency scales.  Three teachers shared drafts of their scales for us.
I tested this scale by walking around the building and rating the goals I saw.  I was in 46 learning spaces, including the library and the clinic (both of which have posted learning goals).  The pie graph below will give you a sense of where we are a school.

Proficiency_Scale_for_Learning_Goals,_8-2012.pptx Download this file
Thank you to the teachers who suggested I share a proficiency scale, gave me feedback on multiple drafts, and practiced using it with me.
To see the scale, please click here.

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