Thursday, September 6, 2012

Discovery Project--Narrowing the topic

Hi all--

I've talked to a number of teachers who had said that narrowing the topic for a research project can be difficult for many students. It's been lots of years since I taught English, but I certainly remember that to be true then.

This is a link to a pdf which address this task pretty well, I think. It's provides a good example of narrowing a topic. Even if you don't run these off, it would be pretty easy to illustrate on the board.

The  pdf comes from the list of resources that is in the link Patrick sent last week.  Other good stuff is there, also, to use as needed.

I'm teaching students in English classes this week and next how to access the new library catalog throught the new library website, so I hope that will help, also. We'll need to stress that even if the library doesn't have a book completely on Siamese cats, we do have books on cat breeds, so a chapter or even pages in that book could be used as a resource. We're doing research projects, not just book reports.

Thanks for the positive reaction I've heard from so many of you. Any feedback is appreciated!


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