Saturday, December 31, 2016

MM Week of 1-3-17

Monday Memo Week of Jan. 3, 2017

Welcome Back to 2nd semester

Glad to have everyone back at Hixson.  I hope you enjoyed the break and are having a wonderful start to the new year.

8 am-3 pm today is a records work day.  Lunch hour can be taken anytime it is convenient to you.  Please meet at 9:45 in the auditorium to kick off the first day back.  You will not need to bring anything with you.

Morning Announcement and Pledge Schedule this week:

1-4 Mr. Rachal
1-5 Mr. Downey
1-6 Ms. Burton

Reminder: paper allocation begins January 3rd

We need to allocate copies for the remainder of the school year.  We went over the numbers Jason pulled from after Thanksgiving break and calculated that we will run out of paper if we continue our current rate of copying.
SOLUTION:  beginning on January 3rd, each teacher will be allocated 2,000 paper prints/copies per month through the end of the school year.  We will reevaluate and recalculate our usage in the spring and seek feedback as we make plans for paper for 17-18.
STRATEGIES: The data tell us that copy usage varies greatly.  Since some of you will have instances when you need more paper and at times will require less, you can share and borrow from others.  Teacher A needs 3500 copies one month, he/she can go to teacher B who only needs 500 copies and use their remaining 1,500 copies.  Our 7 day numbers ranged from individuals needing 2 copies and individuals needing 2,000 in the 7 days. There should be plenty of allocation for those who need it.
FAQs: Paper allocations will not carry over to the next month.  One "month" will be defined in terms of copying or printing taking place in say, January instead of 30 day periods or calendar dates. Copies made in January count against your 2,000 for January, regardless of how many days we are in school for January. There are no prorated copy amounts.  We will make sure there is ample paper in the copiers.
Please reach out with any questions!

Teachers, please remember to continue to walk your after school activity students out to the main entrance after ASA has ended.  Thank you for keeping up with this, it is having a huge impact on student supervision. 

Please remind students they should be off campus by 3:45 on Mondays and Fridays and by 4:15 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays

Please remind students to dress appropriately for the cold weather and bring coats if they want to go outside

With the colder temps arriving, please remind students that if they are allowed to come to your room at lunch, they need to come immediately after getting their lunch in the cafeteria. To prevent roaming, students will be not be able to leave the cafeteria during the middle of lunch. They should eat lunch and remain in your room until lunch is over.  Please let us know if you have any questions. 

Tuesday, 1/3
9:45 meet in auditorium
(8-3:00 is a work day with an hour lunch)
8:45- WW
9:00- TH
9:15- NH
9:45 auditorium
12:50- RR
1:00- JH
1:30- TM

Wednesday, 1/4

9-10 am Staffing meeting with Dr. Wiley @ Hixson
12:35 SN
1:30-3:00 classrooms

Thursday, 1/5

Dr. Smith- observations
12:30- 1:15- Parent and student meeting                        HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHANA!!!

Friday, 1/6

Dr. Smith- observations


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