Monday, April 4, 2016

Monday Memo Week of April 4th

Essential Information                 

-  We will not officially meet this afternoon for faculty meeting/PLC.  Feel free to meet if you need to but you are not expected to stay this afternoon.  Enjoy some time during this busy time of year

-  This week: Dr. Roberts and I will be conducting screening interviews for our AP position all day on Wednesday of this week. 

MONDAY: morning meetings, observations
TUESDAY: morning and afternoon observations, afternoon meeting
WEDNESDAY: 1st hour observation, screening interviews all day and through the afternoon
THURSDAY: DLT- district leadership admin team meeting all morning, observations in the afternoon
FRIDAY: I have a baby doctor appt. at 9:30 and will be doing observations the remainder of the day

-  Congratulations to our 7th grade Poet Laureate, Miette Adkisson who is being honored for her poem, "The Wish of the Akai Hana".  She will be celebrated next week at the Missouri History Museum for a live reading and broadcasting over the Internet, we are very proud of her, she is an accomplished young lady. Here is her poem for you to enjoy:
Simple and sweet
Dream-like and divine
The open sky we see on a starry night
A sunlit field blooming with great joy
The calming cradle of a mother's lullaby
Vibrant honey dripped rhythms of an orchestra
Speaks of stardust reflected in the eyes of a child
A lively tune of a piano plays at dawn's rise
The flowers' petals escape with the breeze
But will always return with a feeling of want
They will find their ways
And once again create
A dream

-  Please see email for information on services for Tim McGinnis' father.  Please keep him in your thoughts.


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