Sunday, November 8, 2015

Monday Memo Week of November 9th

Essential Information                 

-  Please contribute your thoughts on learning opportunities at Hixson to the Learning Design Team by clicking here  This feedback is needed by Monday, November 16th  Thank you!

-  Our PBIS/Character focus this month is Self-Advocacy: being able to speak for yourself and respectfully communicate your needs and desires to adults and peers.  Please keep this in mind as you look for opportunities to praise students with a PAWSitive office referral in addition to Respect, Ready, and Responsible!

-  The next, and much shorter in length, Flipped PD video on our topics for next PLC will be released this week.

Our focus topics for 11-16 PLC will be:

  • ensuring common assessments are in place (common pre, CFA1, CFA2, CFA3, common summative post assessment)
  • Completing the GROWTH TARGET box on the SLO template
  • Completing the LEARNING DESIGN box on the SLO template

Our focus topics for 12-7 PLC will be:

  • Preparing to turn in SLO plan template to evaluator by 12-15
  • Anticipated check-in meetings will take place February 12th 
  • Preparing and understanding Data Analysis process and PLC Data Team Meetings for second semester



Good to Know                              

-  Rachel's Challenge Thursday, 11-12




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