Monday, November 16, 2015

Monday Memo Week of November 16th

Essential Information                 

Let us encourage kindness and respect for all following our
assembly last week :)
Happy Monday everyone!  I hope you had a great weekend and enjoyed the sunshine!  Our niece  got married this weekend.  Rehearsal dinner was Friday (which was also Jay's 12th birthday), wedding Saturday afternoon, reception Saturday evening, and a present opening party (new to me) on Sunday. Emma came down with a fever Saturday for the events (which transferred to me of course on Sunday), but thanks to children's Tylenol- she hit the dance floor.  In the reception room there was a balcony and suddenly a hundred people are looking up to see some sort of "show".  To my surprise, it is 12 year old Jay in his glasses and bow-tie doing some kind of Kriss-Kross "jump, jump!" dance from the 90s.  He is jumping on the balcony (like a loft area above the dance floor) so hard it's shaking spanning the length of a dance floor like an out of control pogo stick... it was adorable but he was seriously spazzing out.  I came to find out that he was involved in a challenge by his cousin to see how many sugar cubes he could eat before an adult noticed.  Jay went from table to table while his cousin covered half of the tables running to Jay with another handful of sugar cubes...when we heard the total was close to 30 we let him spend the night at his cousin's!

I appreciate everything you do each day, make today wonderful!!

-  Please contribute your thoughts on learning opportunities at Hixson to the Learning Design Team by clicking here  .This feedback is needed sometime today/tonight please! Thank you!

-  PLC today at 3:30.  Please meet by PLCs in your assigned spots so each principal can assist as we complete the last two components on the SLO template.  

-  Please remember to watch the 6 minute PD video for PLC this afternoon, if you do not have a chance, you can watch it at PLC after school.   Click this link...

-  Our focus topics for 12-7 PLC will be:

  • Preparing to turn in SLO plan template to evaluator by 12-15
  • Anticipated check-in meetings will take place February 12th 
  • Sign-offs on SLOs
  • Preparing and understanding Data Analysis process and PLC Data Team Meetings for second semester

Our PBIS/Character focus this month is Self-Advocacy: being able to speak for yourself and respectfully communicate your needs and desires to adults and peers.  Please keep this in mind as you look for opportunities to praise students with a PAWSitive office referral in addition to Respect, Ready, and Responsible!

-  No department chair meeting Monday the 23rd.  We have PLC today and I will be out with Dr. Miller for Social Justice training.  If you need to meet with me regarding departments before Thanksgiving please let me know and we will set a time. :)

Good to Know                              

-  Don't miss the Hixson 7th and 8th Grade Choir Concert this Wednesday in the Auditorium at 6:30!




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