Monday, November 23, 2015

Monday Memo Week of 11-23

Essential Information    11-23             

- Happy Thanksgiving to you all.  I wish we could get you each another turkey
cookie ;) or some other token of thanks, but no amount of money or trinket could fully express the depth of thankfulness we feel for you!  I am truly grateful to work with such caring, supportive, dedicated and wonderful staff!  Thank you for the hours you put in day after day to ensure our children learn, thank you for nurturing our kids while modeling and teaching responsibility at the same time, thank you for being here for one another and showing support to all members of the Hixson Family.  Thank you for creating this amazing environment for our kids and each other.  Feeling so thankful for what all we DO have.  Please enjoy a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving holiday with friends and family!

-  Learning Design Team Update:  Our team met on Wednesday the 18th for a day of brainstorming, collaboration, and setting the stage for prototype schedule ideas for 16-17.  We ran short of time to create full prototypes on Wednesday, but are continuing the work to have them to staff soon.  Items in #s 4, 5, and 6 pertain to all staff.  Please let me know if you have any questions!

Here are our next steps/timeline so everyone is on the same page:

1). Dr. Miller and Dr. Smith will continue to assist members of the design team to review everyone's feedback and reflections to continue creating several Prototypes. Prototypes will be reflective of all themes/ideas generated. I will ensure each Prototype contains a description of what is different with a rationale for the idea(s)

2). By Tuesday afternoon November 24th I will send the draft prototypes and relevant information to the design team for review. 

3a).  Monday, November 30th members of the Learning design team will meet again to review and give feedback on the prototypes

3b). Considering Thanksgiving, design team feedback is due by Wednesday, December 2. Changes and suggestions from the team will be considered and made to the draft prototypes prior to releasing them to staff.

4). Thursday, December 3rd I would like to release our prototypes with informative comments, to the whole staff for their review. Staff will have until Friday, December 18 to provide feedback.

5). We can utilize the faculty time on Monday, December 7th for the design team to explain the Prototypes briefly and answer questions in person. Staff feedback is due 12–18. 

6). After the holidays the design team can meet briefly on January 4th during the day as a team to empathize with the feedback we've received on the prototypes. We will then move swiftly through the learning design process steps to determine what modifications need to be made prior to sending to staff for a final review. 

7). A prototype concept will be identified for the 2016–2017 school year by Friday, January 8 for Dr. Miller to begin the scheduling process.

 Please let me know if you are willing to help volunteer at the Hixson Holiday House Tour!  This is our PTO's main fundraiser which supports our school's 1:1 initiative as well as teacher grants and other building wide staff supports. The tour is Sunday, December 6th. Thank you!

 Our focus topics for 12-7 PLC will be:

12-7 we will hear from design team as they explain 16-17 prototype options to all staff and answer questions

  • Preparing to turn in SLO plan template to evaluator by 12-15/Anticipated check-in meetings will take place February 12th /Sign-offs on SLOs
  • PD video: Preparing and understanding Data Analysis process and PLC Data Team Meetings for second semester

Our PBIS/Character focus this month is Self-Advocacy: being able to speak for yourself and respectfully communicate your needs and desires to adults and peers.  Please keep this in mind as you look for opportunities to praise students with a PAWSitive office referral in addition to Respect, Ready, and Responsible!

-  No department chair meeting Monday the 23rd- Today I will be out with Dr. Miller for Social Justice training.  

Good to Know                              





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