Monday, October 26, 2015

Monday Memo Week of October 26th

Essential Information                 

-  No Department Chair Meeting Today!


Please contribute your thoughts on learning opportunities at Hixson to the Learning Design Team by clicking here  This feedback is needed by Monday, November 16th

Our learning design team meets for the day on November 18th.  We will begin by reviewing and discussing this feedback including each person's thoughts on how we offer courses and learning experiences for kids and what opportunities people would like to see put in place for students over the next several years.  We will be using the Design Thinking process to draft prototypes based on your input, our goal is to send them out for your review prior to Thanksgiving break and continue the design thinking process.  Any changes for next year's schedule will be finalized by our staff through this method before mid-January.  All staff will receive updates and all information throughout the process so it is as transparent as possible.  Thank you for contributing your ideas and wishes for student learning offerings.

Schedule for PD Friday the 30th:

  • 8-9:20- School For Today Study (district PD) (8-8:40 and 8:40-9:20)
  • 9:30- 11- Small Group Planning (district PD)
  • 11-12:15- Lunch on your own
  • 12:15-1:15- PLCs- continue SLO work: common assessments
  • 1:15-2:15- Accommodations in a 1:1 environment
  • 2:15-3:15- Team PLC/ Work on your own
-  Friday October 30th PD Day @ Hixson.  Morning-District PD/Afternoon Building PD.  Morning session is 7-12 with Dr. Simpson.  Dr. Simpson will need to know which rooms we are using for his sessions.  Please click HERE to add your room to the list for Dr. Simpson.  He will need the following:  Thank you for assisting and hosting on Friday! 

-10 classrooms that can be used for meetings (preferably on the main level).  Please send the 10 room numbers and a map that includes the room numbers (ie: RM 220, RM 221, etc.).

-The classrooms where departments will meet (ie: science will meet in room 218, etc.).  This will be a great opportunity for science teachers at WGHS to see what science rooms at Hixson look like!

-Classrooms that other 9-12 departments may meet (ie: RM 305).  For example, I’ll tell the 9-12 business 
department that they’ll be able to meet in RM 305

-  In case you were wondering why we may have been slow getting to you last week (okay, Dr. Miller and Dr. Roberts were fine- I got hurt!) we completed the St. Louis Rock and Roll Half Marathon last Sunday.  The admin team that competes together stays together!!

I will be out today for two Dr. appointments including my ankle in my newest accessory, a giant orthopedic boot!  Please let me know if you need anything. See you all tomorrow!

Good to Know                              

-  It is Red Ribbon Week this week!




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