Sunday, September 20, 2015

Monday Memo Week of September 21st

Essential Information                 

I saw this several times on Sunday on
my "jog" in Creve Coeur Park and couldn't
stop thinking of SLOs... the kids wanted
to know why I was taking a picture of the ground!
-  PLC Today 3:30.  Focus on SLOs, which we are taking s-l-o-w-l-y.  Please bring your PLC binder and relevant materials.  Room assignments:
  • ELA, Science, and electives (except PE) will meet in the cafeteria with Dr. Smith, Dr. Vogt, and Jill Right
  • Social Studies and PE will meet in room 118 with Dr. Miller
  • Math will meet in room 114 with Dr. Roberts
Please be sure you have watched the Flipped PD video for Learning Content and Rubric for this afternoon. Let me know if you have any questions.

-  New due date: i-Observation Professional Growth Plans are due Monday, October 19th.  I see I need to approve them by 11-2, so this will give me plenty of time.  We will all have one common goal "Tracking Student Progress" for our SLO work.  Let me know if you have any questions Please reference this link for the training video Growth Plan Video

-  Please check the blog calendar to ensure I have your team meeting times reflected correctly.  As I was new to Google Calendar in August, I realized I set them to repeat monthly but then Teresa showed me the "every fourth Friday" option I didn't know existed!  Quest managed to move itself on the calendar to Saturdays (no worries Susan and Jordan) so, another set of eyes is appreciated- thanks!  Let me know and I will make changes accordingly, and my thanks to Teresa!

Discovery Map Update for this week:  Interventions this week: Social Studies and Science teacher (1 day).  Rachel's Challenge activity: "Showing Kindness" should be completed in Discovery this week.  Thank you!

-  PBIS Committee is open for new members!  Please send an email to Aimee Vogt if you are interested in joining our 15-16 PBIS team.  Meeting dates and times will be generated from team feedback.  

-  Toner will now be supplied for the remaining classroom printers for 15-16 only!!  We have made arrangements to keep the toner flowing for this year.  Please use sparingly as we continue to be fiscally conscientious.  After this year we will not have the in-room printers, however, printing stations will be strategically located throughout the building for convenience.  Thank you!

Good to Know                              

-  Our first department chair meeting will be Monday, 9/28.  Please let me know if there is anything you would like included on the department chair agenda for the 28th.  
- PAWSitive office referrals are making an impact on students :)!  Thank you for taking a moment to fill out this quick form on the Blog for students caught being Ready, Respectful, and Responsible.  Parents have even commented on how exciting it was to see a positive letter sent to them about their middle school child.  Remember to write up a student you see doing the right thing!  




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