Monday, August 25, 2014

Dr. Smith's Monday Memo

Good Morning HMS!

I am thrilled at the start we are having to our school year!  I have also been slammed with positive comments and praise about Hixson and our amazing staff.  As my family and I moved to Webster in July, I am learning the depth of the implications (all have been positive) of being completely immersed in our community- everything I do and everywhere I go...ALL children I see (for the most part) will be "ours" at HMS at some point.  Yesterday, I was sitting with my husband watching our 5th grader play in his soccer game and "listening" to the parents all talking about what a great start they had to the year at Hixson and what a great transition their children are making!!  Of course I couldn't help but overhear when positive praise was being put out there for you all from parents at random.  They had no clue who I was (in the sunglasses sweating like nobody's business), so I finally gave myself up and they further shared their delight with what you are doing for their children!  THANK YOU!

Faculty Meeting This Afternoon, 3:30- 4:30 Auditorium

This afternoon's agenda includes:
  • 3:30-3:45
    • Nuts and bolts- beginning of the year- 2 minutes
    • Q/A- open house overview
    • Overview of Friday's PD Day
    • Let us know in which room your department will meet
    • Exit Card
  • 3:45-4:30
    • Meet with Departments- admin visits

Bio Sheets Needed!

Thank you for turning in your Bio sheets!  If you have not done so, please remember they are due at this time.  Our goal is that we all post them outside of our doors in time for open house for parents, students, and each other to see who we are and what we do!  : )  Mike is coming around to install a frame near your door to hold the bio sheets when we print them.  

If you are a teacher with multiple classrooms, please let Dr. Roberts know which classroom you want your bio sheet outside of.  If you want more than one, one will be framed by a door and one can be laminated outside another classroom where you teach. Thanks!

Training Trackers Due ASAP!  

Please have your required trainings completed and "tracked" by Friday, August 29th.  I forwarded the email again this morning, please delete if you have completed this!

Team Meetings with Dr. Smith

Thank you if your team has sent me a meeting day and time for weekly meetings.  If you have not done so, please share with your team and let me know what works.  We are meeting this week as a team- administration and counselors to coordinate team meeting times to ensure effectiveness.  We will keep you updated if there are any changes.

Discipline Refereals

We have circulated what is known as the "old" referral form for use when it is necessary to refer students to the office for discipline.  We are currently looking to adjust this form with a small tweak here or there.  For now, please use the form you have that is one sided.  We will also be scanning and emailing you copies of the referral for your information and tracking purposes.  

We are working on ensuring consistency in discipline procedures.  We have created and are finalizing a "grid" for discipline to lay out a consistent pattern of expectations and consequences.  You will receive a copy of this as well as soon as it is finalized.  

Open House is Wednesday, August 27th, 6:30- 8:15

During our middle school open house, parents will have the opportunity to "live" sample version of your child's daily schedule.  Student schedules will be disseminated for open house through the following methods:
  • Parent portal access to SIS.  Parents are able to view and print student schedules via the portal in the SIS system
  • Email- the HMS office will use a system within our SIS system to email parents their child's schedule to the email address(es) you have on file with the office
    • If you do not have your child's schedule from the email or the parent portal, back up copies of schedules will be available at the main entrance of the school at 6:00 pm before open house begins at 6:30.  We anticipate most parents having the schedule ahead of time, so back up schedule lines should not be too long.  

HMS Open House Schedule:

6:00- lines begin for back up schedules
6:26- Use your child's schedule to navigate your way to his/her 1st hour class
6:30-6:45- 1st hour- you will hear a message from our Superintendent, Dr. Riss and Dr. Smith.  The 
remainder of the 10 minutes will be used for learning all about your child's first hour class.
6:49-6:59- 2nd hour
7:03-7:13- 3rd hour
7:17-7:27- 4th hour
7:31-7:41- 5th hour
7:45- 7:55- 6th hour
7:59- 8:09- 7th hour
8:09-8:15- Wrap-up

Dr. Smith's Schedule this Week:

9:30 Admin mtg- HMS
11:00- Facilitator mtg
1:30- Team meeting
3:30- Faculty Meeting

9- Kelli Watson SSD
11:15- facilitator meeting
6th hr: Dynamic

9am- Meeting with John Simpson

8:35- Journey
5th Hour- Unity
2:00- off campus appointment

PD Day
District PD in the morning
HMS PD in the afternoon 12:00- 3:15

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