Sunday, May 11, 2014

May 12, 2014

I hope you were able to celebrate or be celebrated as a mother or mother figure this weekend. I enjoyed time with mom and grandmother.

I'm looking forward to our 8th Grade Recognition program this Thursday. All of you are invited to attend and to participate; your presence is valued for practical and for symbolic reasons. I know students and parents enjoy seeing you there. Click here for the blog invitation I posted last week. It has details that might be good reminders to students when you have an opportunity this week to share them.

Here a few quick things:
  • If you are receiving a summative evaluation this year in iObservation, you will meet with one of the principals. One of us will sign the observation electronically, and please do not forget that you will need to log in to iObservation and sign electronically as well.
  • On 5/27, we will have breakfast in the cafeteria as we have in years past. We'll begin with kolaches around 8:30 and honor our retiree and those who are leaving the building.
  • I have received revision suggestions for the school supply list: 1) add ear buds or ear phones and 2) remove hand sanitizer for a year (it seems that several faculty have shelves and shelves of it). If you disagree with either revision please e-mail me immediately.
From last week's Network post and addendum:

5/12 Faculty Meeting
Since we missed our fourth Monday PD, we'll take some time on 5/12 to consider the following question: How will a 1:1 technology environment affect
  • note taking, 
  • assignment giving/completing, 
  • giving feedback, and 
  • student reflection and journal writing?
In other words, what kinds of things do teachers need to be aware of when planning for the above? Try to think less about what you must/will do and more about why what you have done in the past might change given the 1:1 environment.

8th Grade Recognition PowerPoint
Last year, as a school, we contributed to a PowerPoint slideshow that ran a few times before 8th Grade Recognition began. This year, I would like to do the same thing. Essentially, each student's picture is on a slide and next to the picture is a list of accomplishments or qualities we would like to recognize. Click here to see last year's.

The time we spend on this is valuable to our students, their parents, and our program. All of us have editing access, so please Click here to contribute. Thanks to Jason Heisel and Kyle Anderson for pulling this together for us. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Summer Registration Day
This summer, on August 8th, parents of incoming 7th and 8th grade students will visit the school to pick up their schedules, turn in medical forms, have pictures taken, purchase PE uniforms, get locks and combinations, and complete other paperwork. They will also have an opportunity to move throughout the building during this time: 9-12pm and 3-6pm.

Therefore, 7th Grade Orientation and 8th Grade Visitation will no longer take place as we know it on the second contract day of the school year. Dr. Stryhal will have more information this summer on how the contract days before students arrived will be scheduled.

Next Year's After School Activities
Please complete the form for after-school activities by May 28th so that this information can be available to parents and students on August 8th. Click here to print and complete this form. Turn it in to Dr. Miller.

This week, the only day I will begin off campus is Friday.

Thank you, also, to Mrs. Hansbrough, for offering her home, and to all the other members of the faculty who helped to plan, who attended, and who celebrated with us on Friday afternoon. I am touched, and I am honored.

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