Monday, February 17, 2014

February 17, 2014

This week's update is just a list of several reminders. I hope Friday was productive for you and that your extended weekend was enjoyable. I shared the link for March conferences on Friday and, rather immediately, two parents already signed up.

Have a great week!

iDEA (PD) Representative
Congratulations to Patrick Dempsey who received the majority of the faculty votes to represent Hixson on the the District iDEA Committee.

Late Start Schedule
Click here for more information about the district late start schedule in general and about Hixson's late start schedule in particular.

ALICE Training
Click here for the link to Friday's post that re-capped the Active Shooter/Intruder training that we received.

Track Day Feedback
So far, I think we have received some really good feedback about Track Day.  Click here for the link if you have not yet and would like to give feedback.

Design Questions 2-5 Review
Click here to review the Presentation from Friday's review of design questions 2-5, and Click here for a list of Marzano strategies and their desired effects, based on my notes during our training.

This week, I will begin Tuesday with an off campus meeting and will be gone most of Thursday morning for a district admin meeting.

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