Sunday, January 26, 2014

January 27, 2014

The Fourth Annual Hixson Middle School Trivia Night and Silent Auction was a great success! We had 24 tables, the most of our four years doing this.  We are able to host this evening and have it be the success that it is primarily because this event is teacher led.  This is a huge point of pride for our school, I think.  Parents, the community, and, this year, three board members are also support this event with their participation and donations.

This afternoon's faculty meeting has two agenda items: 1) Tech PD for February, March, and April and 2) a visit from Dr. Riss regarding the process for choosing Hixson's next principal.  Click here to read last week's mid-week update about this.

I've been receiving a few e-mails about next year from staff.  I'll try my best to answer those questions that might pertain to all here on the Network.  For example:

  • Last week a couple people asked me if are flipping the schedule next year.  We are.  Dr. Miller has already had this planned for us.  
  • Dr. Roberts will continue to lead us with out building budgeting (and budget "season" begins with the department chair meeting on 2/3/14).
  • Administrators, counselors, nurse, and administrative assistants will still organize a Registration Day in the summer for students and parents to do a variety of things, including completing medical forms and picking up schedules.  This may take the place of student orientation and visitation.
February's Thinking Strategy is monitoring comprehension.  Click here to connect to these resources. Certainly all students can benefit from monitoring their understanding of what they are reading (and learning). Student ability to monitor comprehension is related, on some ways, to the strategies in iObservation related to students monitoring their progress and reflecting on their understanding.

This week I will begin a couple days off campus with meetings about curriculum and a few other things.

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