Sunday, November 3, 2013

November 4, 2013

As much as I appreciate the extra hour this weekend, it still feels odd that it's so dark outside right now.

Professional Development Day: 11/5

8:30-10:00: Department Time
(If I haven't heard from your department, please e-mail me.)
10:00-11:00: Teacher Plan Time
11:00-noon: Lunch (on your own)
Noon-2:00: Team Time
(If I haven't heard from your team, please e-mail me.)
2:15-3:30: Faculty Meeting
(Click here for the faculty meeting agenda; click here to indicate your small group discussion topic preference.)

Hixson Network Blog Calendar
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Flu Video
Our nurse and some of our students created this video with some helpful reminders about staying healthy during flu season.  Introduce your students to Flu-Bee by showing the video below (during Discovery, GEMS, Learning Strategies, etc.); it's two minutes long.


November's Thinking Strategy
November's Thinking Strategy is inferencing.  The ability to infer is a useful skill for reading, learning, and good decision making.  It's application, therefore, is valuable across disciplines. It is also related to the Elaborating on New Information strategy in iObservation (DQ 2.11).  The desired effect of this strategy is that students are able to draw conclusions, or to make inferences, that were not explicitly taught.  Teaching students to infer will increase their abilities to elaborate on new information.  Click here this month's resources related to inferencing.

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