Sunday, November 3, 2013

11/5 Faculty Meeting Agenda

There are two required topics for future faculty meetings: the intruder drill training, per SB75 (postponed by the district) and DQ 2-5, tabled for a later day by me.  I know days are busy, so please take time to read this carefully and following the instructions in one sitting.  =)

Why? I’ve been doing something about our faculty meeting scheduled for the 11/5 PD day, and I would like to use this time as  faculty workshop to give you an opportunity to design some possible solutions around ideas that appeared on my wall last spring.  These include:

·         Drafting a New Discipline Referral
·         Rethinking the Dates, Times, and Duration of Fall Conferences
·         Devising a Proto-Typical Student-Led Conference
·         Drafting a Hixson Belief Statement or Policy for Homework (this gets to another idea about consistency among teams and should honor our work with Marzano)
·         Brainstorming School-Wide Student and Teacher Recognitions
·         Outlining Common Expectations for Hallway Supervision and Morning Students in Hallways

I hear about these topics and often do not have a ready answer.  With your input, perhaps we can come to some agreement.  All input is important, regardless of the conclusion we reach.  So, you will have an opportunity to choose a first and second choice topic.  I will sort you into groups of 3-5 and you will have the hour to create a prototype, an actual draft or idea that responds to your topic, using a modified design thinking process. 

For example, if you choose to work on a new referral, you will need to create an actual draft, a prototype, of what the new referral might look like (you could draw it, create in in Drive, e-mail it, etc.).  My hope is to get your input about some concerns and ideas that faculty shared during last year.  (I’ve moved these post it notes to my white board if you’re interested in seeing them.)

Click here to indicate a first and second topic choice for the 11/5 faculty meeting.  Click reply above to e-mail me a question or concern.


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