Friday, February 8, 2013

Printing to New Copy Machines

Use these video tutorials to learn how to retrieve print jobs from the new copy machines. With this new system ALL print jobs sent are stored in an individuals storage box. All print jobs will require a user to enter in their password to access the print job and to print it.

  1. Start by pressing Recall on the display. Then enter in your password
  2. Once It has accepted your password press okay again
  3. Next press the public folder button on the display
  4. Then search for your name using the arrow keys or by pressing the Number search button and entering in your phone extension
  5. Enter in your password then press ok
  6. When your name is selected choose  the file you want to print by clicking it on the display,  Then press the print button
  7. If you need more than one copy of the print job press the change output sheet button and enter in the quantity you need
  8. If you have other print jobs press yes to go back to your recall box, if not press no
  9. Make sure you log off of the machine before leaving, to do this simply press the Access button on the keypad 

  1. The 1st step is to enter your copy code into the machine using the keypad
  2. Then press Login on the display
  3. Next press the User Box button
  4. You can then search for your box using the Arrow keys on the display, using the “Search User Box function, OR enter in your Userbox number which is your phone extension. (use the keypad to enter in the number, then click apply)
  5. Enter in your copy code then press ok
  6. Next choose the print job you wish to print on the display and press the print button on the display
  7. If you want to change the number of copies you want from the print job, simply enter the desired number using the keypad
  8. When you have the desired amount in that you want printed press the start button on the display
  9. Wait for your print job to be completed before removing any prints
  10. Make sure to log off before leaving

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