Friday, February 1, 2013

Our New Copiers

We have three brand new copiers in the building. These machines are complicated and delicate, and it is taking more time than expected to set them up.  Therefore, the copiers will not be available on Monday, as expected; in addition, the copiers will not be available for printing until each faculty computer is set up to do so. 


In the meantime, Jason Heisel will create a brief video about how to complete three basic functions using these new machines.  On Tuesday, they will be available for these basic functions.  I am hoping to have a representative from the company providing these machines here on Tuesday and Wednesday for training.  You may visit during your plan and/or teaming period; small groups are best.  I will let you know more information once I have dates and times confirmed from the company.  Unfortunately, this is the best we may be able to do given the timing of the arrival of these machines.


Until we are all trained and until we have more experience with these machines, please do not open them or attempt to fix them if they malfunction in any way.  Please contact Ms. Edwards, and she will send someone up to investigate the issue and get the machines running again.


As I stated, these machines are complicated and delicate (and expensive) and should be treated with the upmost care and precision if they are to work well and to last.  We are all accountable when it comes to maintaining and using these machines.  Therefore, only copy or print what is necessary for your work here at Hixson; if you have a question about how to use the machine properly, ask; if the machine malfunctions, be sure to ask for help rather than investigating it on your own (there are many handles, levers, and other interworking parts in these machines).





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