Sunday, February 3, 2013

February 4th, 2013

There is a lot of important information below.  Please read it all carefully.

Intruder Drills

We will have a series of intruder drills during the month of February.  This is good practice and a mandate from the district.  I am going to describe a modified lockdown drill to you in this post and then share some information for you to review.  We will practice a modified lockdown drill this week and review the attached information at our 2/11 faculty meeting.

Modified Lockdown

During a modified lockdown drill, you check to make sure the hallway around your class is empty and that your door is locked.  You should continue teaching or working as you were.  Do not let anyone in until the lockdown is over and do not let anyone out without permission or an escort.  Here is the procedure:

  • A modified lockdown is announced.
  • Check the hallway to make sure it is clear (if it's not, bring the students into your classroom).
  • Check to make sure your door is locked.
  • Check your e-mail for further information.
  • Continue teaching or working as you were.
  • An announcement will be made when the lockdown is either over or if another alert is necessary.

Please make sure your students understand what a modified lockdown drill is as well.  If you have questions, please let me know.  I'll do my best to answer these for the entire staff.


Below is a version of the ALICE video we watcher earlier this year.  Please make sure to have reviewed the Intruder/Active Shoot Drill Discussion points by clicking here.  

February Dates

  • 2/4: Department Chair School Budget Meeting.  All are welcomed, if you are interested.
  • 2/5: 7pm, Orientation for Parents of Incoming Seveth Graders
  • 2/11: Faculty Meeting
    • Two Board Members Visit
    • Review Lockdown Drill Information
  • 2/15: PDC Full Day
    • Faculty Meeting
    • Department Time
    • Mindfulness PD as Sponsored by our Counselors
    • Given that the day will be so full, my advice is to order in or bring your lunch.
  • 2/25: Faculty Meeting (We will continue with The Art and Science of Teaching)

And a Few Reminders:

  • Don't forget to Click here to complete a brief (1 question) survey of Top Academic Concerns.  Your responses to this survey are important and will ultimately result in more support for our students and for you as we address these concerns as a faculty.
  • In addition to the reminders about the new copiers that I shared last week (click here if you haven't had an opportuity to read it), please do not send students to make copies on your behalf.  A couple teachers asked that I add this reminder, particularly since the copiers are both complicated and delicate.

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