Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Intruder Drill, 2/27

We will practice our intruder drill procedures tomorrow, Wednesday, 2/27.  The intruder drill will begin when I announce that we need to initiate modified lockdown procedures.

Remember, that in a modified lockdown, you

·         check the hall to make sure it’s clear,

·         make sure your door is locked,

·         check your e-mail, and

·         then continue teaching.

Once Ofc. Davis and the administrators sweep the building, we will begin an intruder drill with an announcement.  At this time,

·         Stop teaching,

·         Review the ALICE procedures with your students,

·         Talk about options and what you might due if an actual intruder were in the building.

Do not huddle in a corner during this time.  Do not practice evacuating; no one should leave the building.  You should be in an active conversation about the importance of listening for more information and making decisions for your safety based on the ALICE procedures.  So, although you will not evacuate, you must talk about when and why evacuation might be necessary and what that might look like.

During the intruder drill an announcement will be made.  Use this information to discuss how you might need to alter decisions or options based on the ALICE procedures.

I will announce when the intruder drill is over.  You should take some time to debrief this experience with your students.  Please make sure students understand the importance of the drill, the importance of listening to the teacher and to announcements as they are made, and the importance of being safe and all the ways that might be accomplished.  If you or a student needs to debrief with a counselor or principal, please let the appropriate person know.

During this drill, Ofc. Davis and the administrators will key into random classrooms.  Be prepared for this.  You will talk about what countering might look like (the “C” in ALICE), but do not practice countering in this case.

This drill is designed to be at a relatively slow pace and with some exceptions so that we can all practice these procedures carefully.  I am sharing all of this information with you now so that you can be better prepared for when the drill happens. 

Click here to review a recent blog post about intruder drills.

Let Ofc. Davis, Drs. Miller or Roberts, or me know if you have any questions.


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