Sunday, January 6, 2013

January 7, 2013

Happy New Year and Welcome Back!  I hope Friday was productive for you and that you are ready to begin the second semester.  For me, everything seems to speed up from here.

January Meeting Dates

  • Monday, 1/7: Department Chairs will discuss and offer recommendations for how best to use our remaining faculty meeting and development time. Click here to review the dates as they are currently listed if you are interested.
  • Monday, 1/14: Team teachers will meet to brainstorm/discuss/share strategies around Discovery.  This was at the request of teachers from a previous opportunity this year to have a similar discussion.  Other teachers are welcomed, of course.  I will work with SSD and elective teachers to discuss how they might use this time.
  • Monday, 1/28: Design Question 3 from The Art and Science of Teaching is on the table.  More information about that will be coming.


MAP Testing

Please consider the following questions from the counselors regarding MAP testing:

  • Would you prefer our test schedule to be a half day schedule or a similar schedule to previous years where testing times are rotated throughout the day?
  • What feedback do you have that might help us create a more consise and consistent schedule for students and staff?
  • Is there anything, in general, you would like us to consider or keep in mind?

Click here to e-mail your responses or click reply on the e-mail Mrs. Peterson sent on Friday.


Other Reminders

  • Please remember that the grading window closes at 11:59pm on 1/8/13.
  • Determining Importance is January's thinking strategy. 
  • I have December disicpline statistics to share; I'm just having trouble getting them posted.  So more on that at another time.

Best wishes for a successful second semester; as always, I have great expectations.


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