Sunday, December 16, 2012

December 17, 2012

The students, families, and staff of Sandy Hook Elementary School have been on my mind all weekend.  Please be very present and diligent this week as we work to support students for whom this tragedy may have particularly strong effects.  Please be more visible in hallways and common areas during school and in these same areas and at building exits after school.  Click here to see a note I sent to the Hixson School Community via the blog.

Thanks to the social courtesy committee and to JoAnne Williams for planning and hosting our annual holiday party.  Taking time to be social with one another builds our relationships which are important to any community.  As we continue our work this year, we will continue to rely on our professional and social connections to support our work and our morale.  

Just four days left before break . . . There are different reasons we might look forward to time off: we might look forward to a break because we are exhausted, having been tried by any number of things at school or home, or we might look forward to break becaus we are satisfied, having felt success in any number of projects at either or both places.  Personally, I am feeling more satisfied than tired, but I know I will enjoy resting this break.  However you are feeling, I hope your winter break serves you well.

Please take some time to visit the holiday buffet in the library on Tuesday, December 18th, and have a great week!

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