Friday, November 2, 2012

October Discipline Statistics

Following are discipline statistics for October.  As you review them, consider the following:

·         What do you observe?

·         Why do you think the data are this way?

·         What might you do as a response?

These data may also prompt some reflection on and implementation of our work with The Art and Science of Teaching.  For example,

·         DQ 6: Establishing and Maintaining Classroom Rules and Procedures

This may be a good time to review universal PBIS expectations and other classroom rules and procedures.

·         DQ 5: Engaging Students

Consider what you might continue to do, do better, or do more of to engage students in learning behaviors.

·         DQ 8: Establishing and Maintaining Effective Relationships with Students

It may be important to review appropriate boundaries for interactions within the classroom.

Please consider thinking about this information as a team and/or department.  Students who are not in class miss valuable (and limited) instructional time, and it may be beneficial to discuss strategies with your colleagues.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please let a counselor or principal know.

oct actions.pdf Download this file

oct behaviors.pdf Download this file

oct location.pdf Download this file

oct times.pdf Download this file

oct totals.pdf Download this file

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