Sunday, September 30, 2012

Stay the Course

Thank you for your participation in Monday's faculty meeting.  I appreciate your participation and the intentional way you bring your attention to the learning.  I know that some (or much) of The Art and Science of Teaching may be familiar and may be a part of your teaching practice already.  Still, I think it is valuable to review, particularly since the coming new evaluation instrument is likely to be explicitly connected to the text and to the information in these presentations.
As I said at the beginning of the meeting on Monday, I believe that we are having a very successful year.  One of the many reasons is that, as a faculty, we are responding diligently to what is new, different, and challenging.  This is hard work. Sometimes, what is new, different, and challenging can become frustrating and rather daunting.  At these times, I ask that you stay the course, that you believe in the value of your work, that you seek help and support if you need it, and that you trust the process of learning by doing.
Keeping Our School Safe: Being Proactive
I also mentioned on Monday that I would be publishing a way for us to gather information on students who demonstrate bully, victim, ally, and/or bystander behaviors.  This is so that we can be proactive and gather information we may not have known otherwise. This is in response to legislation that school staff members can be named personally if they "knew or should have known" of bullying behaviors and did not report them.
When you are ready click, on the link below to share your observations.  I have characteristics of bully, vicitm, ally, and bystander behaviors listed.  Listing a student's name prompts a follow up that is, most likely, non-punitive; rather it gives counselors and principals an opportunity to follow up, to teach, and to support so that our school can remain safe. Also, listing a student's name does not imply judgment or labeling as you are listing based on behaviors you have observed.
Although I ask for your name, it will remain anonymous to students and parents.  Each of you must respond by Friday (so please do not respond as teams or departments).  If you have not observed any of the behaviors or anything like the behaviors listed, enter your name and click submit.  If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.
Click here to access the Google form.
Other Notes
  • October's Thinking Strategy is posted on the Quick PD blog.
  • We have a department chair meeting on Monday after school.
  • Tuesday, I will be out of the building to work with our district TLA.

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