Sunday, September 23, 2012

September 24, 2012

I hope you were able to enjoy the beautiful weekend.  It's already second term! Have an excellent week.
Faculty Meeting
We will meet in the cafeteria after school for our monthly Art and Science of Teaching faculty meeting.  I apologize for not getting the PowerPoint to you any earlier; I will remedy this for next time.
You may always consult the schedule of meeting topics published in the brief case to know where we are in The Art and Science of Teaching.

Parent Conferences
I published the link for parent conferences on Friday.  Our consistently high conferences numbers are a point of pride of Hixson Middle School.  Please remember, that during conference "season", conversations by phone, comprehensive updates via e-mail, team and other meetings meet the standard for having held a parent conference.  Click here for the link to the conference scheduler.

Thinking Strategy for October
All students can benefit from asking questins before, during, and after their reading.  Questions help clarify ambiguity and deepen understanding.  Although the update in the Quick PD section is mainly focused on instruction for Discovery, all students can benefit from asking quality questions in any subject area.  Please take some time to read this update and consider how you will implement this in your teaching.

Out of the Building
It is always difficult to be out of the building, and although I will be out of the building on Wednesday (for Yom Kippur) and Thursday most of the day (for professional development), I do not have the same number of out-of-building commitments this year as I did last year.
Other Dates
Join the Hixson Middle School Community on
  • Friday, September 28, Hixson Middle School band students will play at half time during the football game against Parkway West, and
  • Friday, September 28, the same date as above, is Hixson Middle School Family Night at the Webster Groves Dairy Queen
. . . so have dinner, grab dessert, and stop by the football game to cheer on current students (in the band) and past students (on the field)!

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