Friday, August 24, 2012

Discovery's Thinking Strategy for September

The documents below will help you implement the reading expectation in Discovery for the month of September.
“Connect to the Text” PowerPoint
This PowerPoint presentation provides detailed information about this month’s thinking strategy. This may be used as background information for the teacher or as a prompt for classroom discussion. Feel free use whatever slides will be most helpful to you and to your students. Thanks to Elkhart Community Schools for producing such a resource.
Discovery Strategy Mini-Lesson and One-Pager
This document contains background information for teachers, suggested activities for a mini-lesson, the monthly one-pager, and possible feedback teachers may provide to a completed one-pager. Remember, there is an emphasis on this being a MINI-lesson.  Most students are familiar with the strategy. They just need to be reminded to use it as they read. The mini-lesson should be conducted at the beginning of the month during the first twenty minutes of Discovery.
The one-pager should be completed in Discovery class at the end of the month. Teachers may choose to have students submit the one-pagers digitally or as a hard copy. Most students should be able to complete the one-pager in the first twenty minutes of Discovery; however, there are some, especially struggling readers, who may need additional time. Students should always complete the one-pager in class to ensure an authentic response.
September Bookmark
 This month’s bookmark should be able to be copied double-sided so that the back may be used as a reading log.
Reader’s Toolkit
This document contains tools that can be utilized in your content area classes to assist ALL students in using this month’s strategy. During Discovery intervention time, those students who have been identified as struggling readers will benefit from explicit instruction with using these tools. Teachers should choose at least one tool and use assigned reading from their content to teach students how to utilize the tool.
Please contact Jen or Aimee if you have any questions or are in need of support. (Please refer to last week's “How to Use Your Reading Specialists” post to determine who is best to contact.)

Connect to the Text.ppt Download this file

Discovery Strategy Mini-Lesson & One-Pager - Sept..pdf Download this file

September Bookmark.pdf Download this file

Reader's Toolkit - Sept..pdf Download this file

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