Sunday, August 19, 2012

August 20, 2012

Last week was remarkable.  Thank you.  Your powerful actions contribute in so many ways to our success, and I am energized and excited for what is to come.
We must work together to stay well-paced, connected, and optimistic.  So, please, if you have questions or concerns, are confused or frustrated, or just need support, contact me so that you can be heard.
More notes follow:
Open House
Open House will be on August 29, 2012, beginning at 7pm. Parents will follow their student's schedule as they did last year.  Click here for more notes about this event.
Learning Designs Update
I have some quick clarifications about learning goals posted here as well as a table that charts our progress this week.  I apologize in advance for its being a bit longish.
Quick PD Updates
How to Use Your Reading Specialists

We have talented reading specialists who want to be helpful to us. See the "How to Use Your Reading Specialists" post under Quick PD. Click the "view fullscreen" link to enlarge the table.
Thinking Strategies for Discovery
The reading specialists have also posted a list of the Thinking Strategies used for the year in Discovery.  Next week, they will post the background, one-pager, bookmark, and strategies to be used in September to frame the month's reading.

This year we have slightly less staffing than last year for our SSD staffing.  This makes it difficult to have every IEP or parent meeting during team or planning time.  Therefore, please be prepared for the occassional before- or after-school meeting.
Blackboard Engage (Edline)
Please be explicit with parents and students as we navigate this transition from School Center to Blacboard Engage (Edline).  You may consider using the parent portal to post homework, or you may consider having all team homework posted using Edline or School Center until the transition is smoothed out.  Whatever your plan, please communicate this to parents.  They are very interested in accessing our homework pages.
Collegial Learning Walks
This year, I would like to invite you to participate in Collegial Learning Walks with me.  The focus of a collegial learning walk is to look for what is working in a classroom. The whole process will take one class period, each visit lasting 5-10 minutes followed by a short debrief outside the classroom. We will learn the process together and improve on it as we practice it. Please click here for more information about Collegial Learning Walks.
Due Dates
  • Begin Implementing Discovery Expectations: Tuesday, 9/4
  • PDPs: Monday, 9/10
  • Required Staff Training: Monday, 9/10

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