Tuesday, December 6, 2016

MM 12-5 Just saw that it didn't copy-paste

MM Week of December 5, 2016

Monday, 12/5                    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUZANNE GOLDSTEIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Department chair meeting - cancelled

3:00 Earth quake drill – listen for the announcement

3:45 iDea meeting w/Dr. Denbow


Tuesday, 12/6                    HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMY SMITH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6:00 7TH Grade Winter Band Concert

7:45 Parent meeting - MW

3:45 Calendar committee meeting w/Dr. Wiley


Wednesday, 12/7

Welcome back Dr. Smith

11:15 Pam meets with Electives

6:30 8TH Grade Winter Band Concert


Thursday, 12/8

8:45 Hixson Principals meeting


Friday, 12/9

Pam’s last day

8th grade Choir tour of the District

6:30 School Play


Saturday, 12/10

6:30 School Play



From the Student advisory to the Principal meeting – here are the highlights…

·         Hallway behavior has not changed as much as they would like.  There are still groups walking down the hall together or blocking everyone’s way – they suggest some kind of incentive system (collecting tickets) and accumulating a certain amount of tickets would get you a PAWSitive reward

·         Speaking of PAWSitive rewards – students said teachers are not giving them out and if they are, the teachers are not recognizing the students that are consistently “doing the right thing”.    I told them I would make the teachers aware of this.  Students suggested that teachers remind students that they are looking for individuals to refer for a PAWSitive reward. 

·         Some students are confused as to why they can’t use certain bathrooms that are in their hallways – I had no answer to that.

·         GFA – some comments regarding the time it is taught, what classes students lose when its taught – I referred them to Mrs. Stewart

·         Passing time is not long enough – students want 5 minutes.  All I can do is bring this to your attention.

·         PE – students want less stretching and more playing time – I’m glad they want to play the sports and activities and I encouraged them to share their thoughts with the pe teachers

·         Students like the first hour announcements. Concern that all teachers don’t realize there are no other announcements during day.  2nd hour announcements have been eliminated. 

·         Students want more time to complete projects.

·         Students seemed concerned with instruction by substitutes.  They seem to think that the subs give instructions and don’t get involved in teaching.  They want the subs to assist students. Please be aware of what you are asking of your substitutes.

It’s been a privilege working with these students.  I’ll hand over their meeting notes to Dr. Smith, including the teacher survey they created.


Thanks for the memories!



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