Friday, November 4, 2016

Week of November 7th

MM Week of November 7, 2016

This week I am asking everyone to SPEAK WITH KINDNESS

Sunday-don’t forget to set you clocks back…Daylight savings begins

Monday, 11/7

Term 3 and 2nd explo begins

8:45 Principals meeting

7th grade voting

3:30 Department chair meeting cancelled. 


Tuesday, 11/8

PD DAY – ED CAMP AT WGHS – all day

If you come to Hixson please park in the front and leave the Elm lot open for voters


Wednesday, 11/9

CPI training day

Data meetings w/Hope today


Thursday, 11/10

CPI training day

Data meetings w/Hope today

8:45 PTO meeting, library – Speakers Series – Hixson Staff – Innovation Hour

                Note: there are no PTO meetings in December nor January

6:30 p.m. Hixson Orchestra performance

7:00 p.m. Alliance for Interracial Dignity meeting – WG Baptist Church – Topic:  What is white privilege?


Friday, 11/11

Veterans Day

Dr. Roberts out



Ashley Porter was selected to be a guest blogger for Imagine Learning. You can view her blog post by following this link:

Congratulations Ashley


Don’t forget to make an appointment with your evaluator – mid-year check-up and planning for formal observations, etc.


Welcome Brianna Goldstein – Hill/math substitute! 


Staff – if you have any pictures of our students engaged in learning, sports, having fun – would you please share a copy with me.  The office staff is working with me on a Hixson Happenings board by the front doors and I’d like to see that grow. 


Another busy week ahead of us – enjoy!


Notes from Student Advisory meeting, 11/3 –


Hallway problems – still exist

Phones – better – students know they may not have phones out in the hallway – or any other place if a teacher did not give them permission.

Most students like the dismissal process now – a few made some suggestions – not changing anything at this time.

Problems with printers – I think they are reporting for their teachers!!!

Problem with substitutes not following plans and they actually discipline entire classes instead of individuals.  Sometimes subs argue with students instead of sending them to the office.

Concern with announcements being heard by 8th grade students.  Students in gym state how difficult it is to hear. 

Students would like teachers to know they are ok with homework as long as it’s not busy work. 

Next meeting – Wednesday, November 30, 1st hour


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