Friday, September 30, 2016

Week of October 3rd - can you believe it!


This week we will continue to work on hallway “etiquette” – stay to the right, don’t block traffic flow, keep instruments and book bags out of the middle of hallway, try not to bump into others.

Saturday, 10/1        HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNA BENSON GENNARI!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, 10/2           HAPPY BIRTHDAY FERDINAND MCGUIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Herman Townsend, Beverly Galey, Ferdinand McGuire, Michelynn Hunter, Willie Bates, Keith Clair, Michael Moore, Sulejman Sehovic!


New a.m. time at Hixson – Students may not be on campus until 7:50 a.m.  If needed, our families can use the Rec Center’s RECFEST program.

Welcome PJ Malinkrodt the permanent Spanish teacher sub! 

Tuesday, 10/4         HAPPY BIRTHDAY EARLINE BANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 10/5  HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATHY EDWARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11:15 Pam meets w/Electives teachers 


Thursday, 10/6

Friday, 10/7             HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEVERLY GODLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




The latest p.m. dismissal is working much better with us getting the bus students and bike riders on their way before the walkers and vehicle riders.  If someone comes down early – I send them back to 7th hour. Thank you for your help with dismissal. 


Congratulation Terri Hobold – she was selected to write EOC math assessments for DESE!!!   Terri is so excited for this opportunity. 


Copy machines – we are losing 2 machines.  So we will no long have the one in the library.  But, we will receive a brand new high volume machine that will go in the workroom across from the Tech Lab.  We don’t have a date yet – just wanted you to know. 


Student advisory was a good conversation.  We discussed:

Sharing who are the reps. on the advisory again

Hallway problems – people stopping, talking, items in the middle of the hallway

New dress code – they think that’s going fine.

Added to p.e. dress out discussion – why can’t they wear jerseys or have numbers on their shirts? 

Phones – can they have their phone in their pocket – yes as long as you’re not using it in the hallway. 

They like the recently revised dismissal – suggested more time for bikers to leave – if needed. 

They wanted to talk about the end of the year teacher surveys – they didn’t think the right questions were asked – I asked them to give me a list of what makes a good teacher and they could develop a survey – we’ll see where this goes!  Here are their descriptors of a good teacher….

Doesn’t get mad easily, sense of humor, fair in treatment, just be cool, enforces the rules fairly, can get your attention without yelling, good attitude, good approach with children, treat you like a young adult, take time to help students, respect us, pay attention to us, don’t penalize a whole class for individuals. 

Next meeting for Advisory – last week in October.  


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